by Craig Dimitri

On Wednesday’s World News Tonight, ABC showed a banner made by U.S. military personnel, sharing their observation over the firestorm created by the remark of John F. Kerry on Halloween.

The photo speaks volumes about the reaction to Kerry’s remark. Halloween was a fitting time for it to take place, because it brought – privately – shrieks, wailing and howling from terrified Democrats, who are – equally privately – giddy with anticipation of recovering the power they lost in 1994. They are counting the days (and in some cases, the hours) till Election Day. To use a football metaphor, they were hoping to run out the clock, and this represents a turnover in their own territory.

The firestorm continues to grow, and Democrats are increasingly being blown off-message by the “botched joke” about the war in Iraq on Tuesday.  Late Wednesday, Kerry finally apologized, in an effort to halt the mounting criticism over the incident.  It arrived as a welcome gift to Republicans, who have spent much of this campaign being battered over a variety of issues.

It is unclear at this point, whether the Kerry fiasco will translate into a momentum swing nationally. Democrats are in a strong position to gain substantial numbers of seats in both chambers. Probably the only way that they could be stymied in terms of gaining control, was for some sort of self-inflicted wound to take place – something similar, say, to what Kerry did on Tuesday.

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