As one pundit put it: Hallelujah…The press of various contries is interpreting this as a major setback due to Bush’s war in Iraq, and I suspect now many of them will have second thoughts.
Perusing the blogs and news, there is a lot of confusion in the world press about what this election means.

There are already questions about what the Democrats will do, prompting Dante Chinni in the usually sedate Christian Science Monitor to remark that it might have been better if the MSM had discussed some of these issues before the election, not the day afterward.

Well, yes. Maybe we should have heard these issues instead of stories on polls and macaca…

But, as both Lou Dobbs and Mort Kondracke note that the real win was for the moderates, not the far left (Take heed, Nancy Pelosi)…

And some of the reasons voters changed their representatives have nothing to do with Iraq.

One interesting thing that Mort Kondracke notes is that, thanks to the talk of stemming illegal immigration, the Hispanic voters turned Democratic in large numbers.This will have a definite impact on the immigration policy, with Democrats probably joining with Bush for another amnesty, which is opposed by many of Bush’s base.

Another issue that needs to be noticed is the return of the ethnic Catholic and Evangelical religious voter to the Democratic party. Terry Mattingly has a summary HERE.

Many previous reports of Democrat’s need to find religion seemed to be smoke and mirrors by the progressive non church going side of the party, but in retrospect it seems that someone high up in the Democratic party was smart enough to actually run religiously conservative Democrats. This may have result in lessening the Feminist/gay litmus test for Democrats.

Steven Waldman at BeliefNet quips it is a smaller “God Gap”, but cautions:
Democrats will now need to prove themselves worthy of centrist religious voters by altering their views on some social issues and dispelling the image that they’re hostile to faith.

As for Iraq, given the negative press, the war is unpopular. Yet the world worries about an American withdrawal, while the Arab press is hoping “American extremism” is slowed (read: defense of Israel). Yet one doubts Americans will stop backing that country, and the real result might be decreased sympathy for Middle Eastern countries that scapegoat Israel instead of solving their own problems.

As for a “change of directions” in Iraq, Bill Roggio and the latest podcast on Instapundit both point out, a lot of these “changes” in Iraq policy have been in the planning for months. The Iraqi takeover may come sooner rather than later, but it will occur.

Yet the bloodshed is not completely Bush’s fault, because the Sunni tendency to kill Shiia long predates the war. But with American intervention, what has changed is that the Shiia (and Sunni Kurds) are now in charge.The Sunni choice now is either to back the government and stop their people from attacking civilians, or face that an American withdrawal will mean fighting the Iranian backed Shiite death squads. The result will be a bloodbath, and a possible moderate Islamic state, which will not please the secularists but might provide stability in the long run.

And yes, I know that the Shiite death squads are funded by Iran, but the Persian/Arab animosity goes back 3000 years, so don’t expect the caliphate to return so quickly. Instead, we might see an Islamic state where Mullahs are advisers but not in charge. A step backward? Maybe. But better than what was there before.

The really bad news is that it will mean the end of the Pax Americana.

That should please the European and American progressives, at least until they notice their cars and buses are going up in flames…and that Russia’s and Iran’s gasoline is now being sold to China, thanks to China’s economic expansion into Central Asia and Africa.

And in the middle of all this is the wild cards of Islamic terrorism and demographic collapse in Europe, but also in China and Iran..

As the saying goes, if you want to curse someone, you bless them by saying “God grant you live in interesting times”.

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