Our panel this week was a little depleted, Denny Griffin is on his way to his summer location in New York state, and TJ Hart had a family emergency that precluded him from taking part. TJ, everyone sends their best, and hope that things turn out OK.

It has been a very busy week in both cases. Casey Anthony had two hearings earlier this week about motions filed on her behalf by her defense council Jose Baez. I think it is fair to say that by the end of play on Tuesday Baez, Lyon and the rest of the gang had likely stripped the local Walgreens of every bottle of Tums on the shelf.

Judge Perry seems intent on keeping the defense team on a very short leash.

As our guest, Peter Hyatt pointed out, the video feeds revealed a laughing joking team until Judge Perry entered the court room. The smirks and joviality ceased pretty darn fast.

It was also interesting that in the Tuesday hearing there was no sign of patriarch George Anthony, one caller asked if we thought his non appearance might be due to the sexual abuse allegations, was he too embarrassed to show his face?

Peter Hyatt had some interesting comments to make about the Anthony family. He has spent considerable time researching them and I doubt that he would say anything that could not be backed up. If you listen to the recording you will hear what he had to say.

Over on the Haleigh Cummings case there seems to be a scramble to see who can the best ‘deal of the week’. Ronald Cummings seems to be currently in the lead, he apparently has negotiated his way from 85 years behind bars to a more manageable 15 years.

The subject of that interesting jail tape between Tommy Croslin and Grammy Hollars also got some air time. The tape has bothered me from the moment I first heard it. I am suspicious by nature, and the timing of its release was way too convenient for my liking. The press has glommed onto the tape as Tommy fingering the infamous cousin Joe for the death of Haleigh. As Jan pointed out, that is not the case. It is Grammy Hollars that draws the conclusion. Tommy then starts to say something, but changes his mind. Listen carefully to the tape.

There were lots of subjects discussed on the program, if you missed the live broadcast you can catch the recording here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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