Although it is the Thanksgiving long weekend we will be running our regular Sunday program to look at the events in the search for missing Florida child Haleigh Cummings.

The panel is still being finalized but on the ‘for certain’ list is Simon and Jan Barrett, ace reporter for WSKY 97.3 TJ Hart, and investigator William Cobra Staubs. I am also hoping that we will be joined by crime writer Denny Griffin and investigative journalist Levi Page.

Another of the Croslin family found themselves under the bus this week. Hank Croslin Sr. was arrested on charges of doctor shopping. It is alleged that he obtained over 300 tablets of oxycodone and hydrocodone from at least three different doctors. The interesting aspect of this is that the arrest was made by FDLE rather than PCSO. While there may be no significance to this, one has to wonder the rationale. FDLE have stated that while Hank Croslin Sr’s activity has nothing to do with the search for Haleigh Cummings they will take the opportunity to talk to him about the case.

Scuttlebutt that hit my radar today concerns father Ronald Cummings, one would think that in his time of loss he would seek solace in his family, apparently though he opted to avoid his family on Thanksgiving.

Does Crystal Sheffield have a new MySpace page? If she does, then things may not be well in her relationship with Chad.

Was the comment left here on BNN really by Teresa Neves? The jury is out on that one. It certainly came from the heart, and if it is legitimate it was truly a plea with feeling and we here at BNN heard you loud and clear.

It was also pleasing to see that the Nancy Grace program gave 15 minutes to the the story on Thanksgiving Day, while the cast left something to be desired, at least the subject was given some air time. And for that we should be grateful.

Haleigh Cummings has been missing since February, Law Enforcement maintains that her disappearance was not a stranger abduction. A family member or close friend had to have been involved. But who? None of us in the press are privy to the investigation, in fact extracting information from them is akin to having a root canal performed by someone with a Black & Decker power drill.

I am sure that Law Enforcement is as frustrated as we are. I’ll make an offer that I have made before. Give us something to chew on. We can shake the trees, and that is what is needed.

There are several of us in the press that will not let this case become cold. Lets try and resolve the Haleigh Cummings mystery.

Another subject that we will be discussing is the capital murder case against Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony is accused of killing her young daughter Caylee Anthony. Although her defense team make mumbling noises about how they are being paid, or if indeed they are being paid at all. One thing is very clear, money abounds. Who is the money bags paying for this defense? I have some theories, but, at this stage I think that I will avoid that subject.

One of the ‘esteemed’ defense lawyers is Andrea Lyon. Ms Lyon brags that she has never lost a Capital Crime case. This is good for the defendant, but maybe not so stellar for the family of the deceased. Earlier this week a story surfaced, Ms. Lyon was giving a lecture, and explained that there are:

Always killers on the jury, and there are some, the ammunition they need to go after people… juries go about persuading people to kill.. and protect your live people from the killers.

Oops, that was not the smartest comment to make. Ms. Lyon managed to get the story yanked from the news site involved. But the sentiment was clear. Justice is not about fairness or the truth, it is about finding ways to weasel your client out of trouble.

Of course copies of this inflammatory statement are still floating around the internet world, as indeed is the actual recording of the lecture.

I am still pondering about putting up this illuminating link to the inside track of Ms. Lyon and her mission online.

I do hope that you will join us on Sunday at 3pm central. You can just point your browser to a few minutes prior to air time, you will see the program on the main page, or you can use this direct link.

UPDATE: Ms. Lyon seems to have been working overtime, traces of her actual statement are going missing by the moment! Oh to have such power! The recording is still available, and before it all disappears snag it quick before it get taken down. It is here.

The key is at the seven minute mark.

Simon Barrett

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