It is another busy weekend for BNN radio. We have three very diverse programs on the menu.

On Friday June/11 at 1pm central we will be talking to film makers Daniel T. O’Brien and Jennifer Powers. Their new documentary  Last Flight Home is one of the years best. It does not include a lot of glitz and glamour, it just tells a story that is long overdue. WWII ended more than 60 years ago. Yet there are still many people listed as MIA. Daniel and Jennifer are part of Bent Prop, a group dedicated to bringing closure to a group of surviving families. The island group known as the Palau were the graveyard for more than 200 US planes. For well over a decade the members of Bent Prop have made annual pilgrimages to Palau. They have solved several mysteries, and in fact one particular investigation resulted in a recent ceremony at Arlington National Ceremony. The 8 members of a B-24 were finally laid to rest. You can read my review here, and to listen in to the interview use this link.

On Saturday Jun/12 we are changing gears and looking at the American Mafia. This is another in our Surviving The Mob series. My guests include ex Gambino family associate Andrew DiDonato and crime writer and author Denny Griffin. This week we will also be joined by an ex Colombo family member Billy Cutolo Jr. Billy was a very influential member of the Colombo operation, his father Billy Cutolo Sr was the number two guy, AKA the Underboss of the family. Billy and Andrew have been friends from age 12, they may have ended up in different families, but they devilled together. They both also shared a common friendship, Joseph Corozzo. A quick check on google will reveal Joseph Jojo Corozzo’s latest work endeavours. I would not be at all surprised if the New York Prosecutors office will be listening in on Saturday. To tune in, use this link.

On Sunday at 3pm central we will be running our regular program concerning the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases. These two cases are so frustrating. there seems to be no way to unlock them. I had a long conversation with an author today, he is in no way connected or following these cases. But, he has much to say about the press and how they jump on dysfunction, particularly when it is a sports or movie personae.

He is correct, OJ Simpson, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, to name but a few. The author made a valid point, they all have (or had) more money than they could find ways to spend it. This clan is different. They all leech of each other. The regular panel will be in place, and the link is here.

Simon Barrett

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