We have had no time to analyze these tapes, we are just trying to get the information to our readers as soon as possible.

To the best of my knowledge these tapes have not been aired in their entirety anywhere. The video quality is not great, that was a trade off that was needed to compress them down to a size that could be used online. Sorry that this is not a pretty article, you will just have to live with the format!

It looks like YouTube is objecting to these video’s I am going to Plan B, and they will be available via FTP. Should have everything straightened out in a couple of hours.

This article will be updated as we convert more of the tapes over the next few hours. Tape one is of Hank Croslin talking to his son Tommy Croslin, the exact date of this conversation is unknown at this time. As it is under 10 mins in length I suspect that it has been redacted by Law Enforcement.
Tape 2 is a visit between Misty Croslin and her mother lisa croslin. It is 22 mins long and so is in three segments.Segment one

Segment two

Segment three
Tape 3 is of Tommy Croslin talking to his wife Lisa Croslin. The tape is 15 mins long, and I have had to cut it into two segments.Segment one

Segment two

Tape 4 is of Hank Croslin talking to his daughter Misty Croslin. Again it is in two segments.Segment oneSegment twoMore Video coming very soon.
Simon Barrett

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