Attention – Due To Allegations of Plagiarism, This Article Is Highly Suspect

Health is wealth- we all are familiar with this proverb. For Indian children, health is just malnourishment. Half of Indian children are suffering from malnourishment in one way or another. This terrible figure has come out from a survey carried out by Indian government. Malnourishment is not the only worry for Indian children. Infant mortality rate is still high compared to developed countries. 
The data also highlighted persistent gaps between the health of rural and urban India, and the awareness of health issues among men and women, who in many parts of India remain second class citizens, at best. But the most glaring problem illustrated by the data was the health of India’s children. With about 46 percent of children underweight _ a negligible improvement over the last survey, conducted in 1998-99 _ India is in the same league as nations like Burkina Faso and Cambodia. In China, Asia’s other rising economic power and the country India so often compares itself with, only 8 percent of children are underweight. 


I know that Indian government officials are very busy with celebrating high economic growth, increasing FDI and success in outsourcing. So, they should not be bothered about malnourishment and high child mortality. Economic growth should justify everything. There is just one problem- Children are the future of tomorrow 


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