This just in from TJ Hart. Overnight a rather interesting tape surfaced. It was passed on to LE however it is not clear what action was taken at the time – Simon

Six-year-old Haleigh Cummings of Satsuma, FL was taken from her home February 9, 2009. Since then, very few solid clues have turned to help find her.

At this point, investigators are looking at every piece of evidence and reviewing everything they’ve gathered so far.

In a tape William “Cobra” Staubs dug up from March 31, 2009, he spoke with Misty Saunders–the stepdaughter of an accused sexual predator Daniel Snodgrass. Details here.

Daniel Snodgrass is the man who tried donate furniture to the Haleighbug Center in Satsuma and ended up causing trouble at the building.

Warning: Adult language and disturbing descriptions.

AUDIO: P.I. William “Cobra” Staubs with Misty Saunders here.

Staubs tells 97.3 The Sky that the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office was kept in the loop involving his interview with Misty Saunders and his subsequent search.

Part Two is coming soon

TJ Hart

This particular recording is one of several that were made during the interview. I have no doubt that more will be surfacing very soon. 

Simon Barrett

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