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It was one year ago today that now 6-year-old Haleigh Cummings vanished from her home in Satsuma, FL. Since then, little has be revealed as to how she disappeared or who might have taken her.

After a year of some unbelievable behaviors that were displayed by the  families of the missing a child, we now find Haleigh’s father Ronald Cummings and the woman who babysat Haleigh the night she vanished Misty Croslin behind bars on drug trafficking charges.


Arrested along with Ron and Misty on January 20, 2010, was Ron’s cousin Hope Sykes, Misty’s brother Tommy Croslin and Misty’s confidant Donna Brock.

When Brock came to Putnam County last year, she worked for the group Texas Equusearch. They’re trained professionals who travel the country looking for missing children. Texas EquuSearch director Tim Miller has stated in interviews with WSKY that he wanted Brock to get close to Misty for the sake of the investigation and trying to see what, if anything, Misty knew about what happened to Haleigh.

AUDIO: Tim Miller Talks About Misty’s Gal Pal Donna Brock

AUDIO: Tim Miller Talks About Misty’s Possible Whereabouts the Night of the Abduction

“Look, they pulled me into the office for two hours to this room before they even brought me to jail,” Brock said. “They questioned me about where Haleigh is, they think Misty already told me where she’s at.”

WJXT VIDEO: Donna Brock’s Jail Audio

In the tapes, Brock talks about how detectives think Misty told her what happened to Haleigh because over the last several months, the two appear to have gotten close.

Brock states on the phone that she gave pills to Misty and that Misty needed them because she was in pain.

“I didn’t think it was no big deal, I didn’t want them you know what I’m saying?” said Brock. “I didn’t need them, I didn’t want them. It was more on my thinking if I just gave these to her, maybe she’ll trust me a little bit more.”

We cannot at this time identify who Brock was talking to on the phone, but the conversation did turn to Haleigh and the rumor that she accidentally got into some some pills the night she vanished.

97.3 The Sky is in the process of obtaining the complete set of redacted phone call audio files from Donna Brock from the St. Johns County jail.

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