As I sit in my music studio watching my Red Sox battle the Orioles, I begin to look around the room and notice all the photographs that I have up. They consist of my family but mostly my children. My two sons skateboarding during skate camp in Orlando. I notice pictures of my three daughters and I begin to sadden up some. I quickly ran to my bookshelf and grabbed a photo album and started to flip through the pages. Memories start to engulf my thoughts and I smile some knowing that I will always be here to keep them safe. A promise most parents are scared to predict not knowing the future, but I will be here to protect them always, especially living in Florida.

August is a big month for me, not only is it my 73 year old mothers birthday, but also two of my daughters. My youngest will be two and she looks at me as if I am her Gladiator. My second oldest will be five and she also knows that she is safe, no one will get through me and take her. August is also big because six months ago I feel like I became the adopted father of another daughter who will be six years old this month and I DO NOT KNOW WHERE SHE IS!!!! This was written with the most kind caring and humble heart. No, thats not true. I write out of pure frustration, anger and diligence for the finding of Haleigh Cummings. It is written from a fathers heart.

Almost ten months ago my family and I moved to North Florida, St. Augustine to be exact. Even though getting there seemed like a million miles away due to the rural streets my wife directed me through. As we maneuvered the big U-Haul truck through these dark and tight streets we hear a bang. I was fortunate to have been from the truck driving behind, because the U-haul ran into a tree completely lifting the roof off the truck and into the street. The bang was so loud I thought the whole neighborhood would be on the street watching, or at least trying to see what happened. No one even peeked out off their windows. When the Police arrived three hours later the cop car read Putnam County. When asking the officer what town I was in he said son you are in Satsuma. I replied “Where”?

My first night was as interesting as my last in that region of the world. In my first day I discovered that everyone carries a gun. I assumed it was because it so empty you never know who could be crawling in the darkness. I was right. My wife and I moved there in order to set up a Vacation and Cruises sales business. The location was near the 17 and 309 intersection. To get there I had to take the 206 to the 207 and just to clarify the only thing on those roads are you, and the suspicious lights behind you. Its like being in a horror film driving down a dark street but you know there is something there with you. That is Satsuma!

A couple of months into our stay we begin to hear all the media commotion and police beginning to fill the streets. Being from Orlando, we do follow the commotion, meaning everyone is in your business. My wife and I went outside and started asking around. Thats when we were brought to our null reality. They tell us there is a missing little girl and thats all they know. Months later after asking the same question to our surprise they gave us the same answers.

The next couple of months we spent helping where we could, such minor things as bringing water to the officers as they met to go on the searches for Haleigh Cummings. We do not live in that part of Florida anymore, thank God. But ever since this experience my life has changed. After already enduring the Caylee Anthony suffering, this kidnapping truly put me in my place, sort of speak. For the last six months I have become the most obsessed father ever, allowing my kids very little leniency.

I am an author, I get to spend a lot of time at home with them. They have all become home schooled by myself. Their friends can come over to play, but they are not allowed to visit their friends, unless either my wife or I are tagging along. I barely let them run outside for long with out joining them. I take every accountable measure to secure their safety. To give them everything I did not not have as a child. A parent has grave responsibilities. I believe it is our duty as parents to do so. Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings are just two out of hundreds of kids kidnapped or otherwise disappear every year. Some are in our backyards. and some are distant, but as a parent I feel them all as close.

Its been six months now and WE are all anxious, the frustration on all of us all is bearing down. My two daughters birthdays are coming up and I am wondering how I am going to be enthusiastic knowing Haleigh’s birthday is just around the corner. My two year old’s birthday is on the 15th. We need to come together as a whole and continue to knock down the doors of those who even remotely played a part in disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. From family members, to law officials, to legal consultants that have proved nothing. We need to e-mail and send letters of concern to the proper authorities and government figures that have the power to push Haleigh’s search forward. This is not a blog; this is a father’s plea to the world. Please find Haleigh and bring her home. Please help find my new adopted daughter who has been missing and would love to celebrate her 6th birthday, like my daughters will. Happy and safe.

I think it was best said by TJ Hart on my friend Simon Barrett’s radio show “Haleigh will be missing for six months on her sixth birthday.” You are right TJ that is the saddest thing ever to hear as a parent. God bless every parent and always keep your children safe, for Haleigh’s sake.



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