Satsuma Florida- What happened to Haleigh Cummings? The precious, brown eyed baby girl from Satsuma Florida. I say baby girl because she couldn’t defend herself. She couldn’t of fought off her abducter. So small so helpless on her own. Defenseless. Snatched from her fathers home in the middle of the night. While she slept in her bed. No clue as to what was going to befall her before she nodded off. Poor sweet little Haleigh. What it must of been like for her. Not having her daddy or mommy or even Misty there to run to for protection. For security. No one that she knew. Defenseless at the hands of her abductor. Poor Haleigh. Frightened im sure. Panic stricken, oh for a small child most certainly. At the mercy of a stranger. Did Haleigh stand a chance? I feel so sadly for Haleigh and what ever has become of her. She couldn’t fend off her abductor she couldn’t use her own instincts to guide her. She’s just a child. Still developing and learning even what instincts are all about. Thats what her adults were for. I sit and imagine the gruesome, horrifying, mind altering situations that may of happened to poor sweet Haleigh.

Time goes by every day passing that leads us closer to bones. Its hard for me to be optimisstic with Haleigh now. Time has worn me out and pressed me hard to go with logic, statistics, giving up on hope. There is little left behind to tell Haleigh’s story. Her voice damned near erased from the earth. There is no one there screaming for her hey this is me. This finger print, this hair look at me I am here. Nothing, gone without a trace. Poor Haleigh. Why couldn’t she of left some piece of evidence behind to at least lead them to her?  To at least say hey this is me this is what happened. Even the smallest stain or fiber. Nothing, Haleigh left nothing. Nothing reported on anyhow. I see pain in so many faces when Haleigh is being reported on. Her mother, her grandmothers, her father, her aunts, teachers, the community around her. Pain and loss. Like standing at an empty dirt intersection out on a barren desert. Loss. Which way do we go now? Haleigh is an amazing, beautiful, mezmerising, intoxicating specimin of a child. She is a hypnotizing little girl. Her smile could light the center of the earth. Her energy could run Vegas for a life time. Still she was unable to keep harm at bay. She is just a small child. Bubbles, and colors, horsies and flowers concerns not for what her future held. It sickens me to the core to think that she has been missing for almost two months. Statistically I dont know what her chances of being alive are still. Slim to none id imagine. Even Caylee Anthony left behind a basketball sized stain that reeked of death so bad her own grandfather puked during a federal investigation of her disappearance when questioned about the stain in the trunk of his wifes car. Haleigh left nothing.

Unfortunately Haleigh lived within five miles of fourty four sexual offeneders. Registered. No telling how many unregistered. Any one could of fallen in love with Haleigh in a perverse way. In an unatural form of love. Haleigh was a beautiful girl. What are her chances if that is what happened to her? Would they keep her alive? Or just had there way with her and disposed of her? Haleigh is a adorable child. Curly blonde hair, big brown eyes. Just adorable. What happened to her? How come no one has come forward with knowledge of her? Is she decomposing somewhere secret? Is someone holding her alive? What happened to Haleigh? There has been much speculation and accusations and alligations going around since Haleigh disappeared. None of which has brought her home. Nothing has brought her home. Not investigators, not her father or her mother or her step mom. Nothing. No one has come forward with any type of information leading investigators to her. Nothing. Poor Haleigh. Who is out there  for her? Who is out there fighting in her honor? Investigators say that everyone is still a suspect and no one is cleared yet. Her mother is running a Haleigh Bug Headquarters in hopes that someone will lead them to Haleigh’s where abouts. It breaks my heart to watch her family cry for her day in and day out. Cries that fall on empty ears. Haleigh needs to be returned dead or alive to give her family the answers and closure they need. So that they can stop wandering at a loss for there precious child.

Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings is a five year old girl she is three feet tall and weighs thirty nine pounds she has blonde hair and brown eyes she has a birth mark on her left cheek. She has a medical condition that requires medicine. If anyone reading this knows Haleigh or has any information about her disappearance please call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477) or Putnam County Sheriffs Office at (386)-329-0800. The reward is around $37,000. There is a Haleigh Bug Headquarters open to take calls and tips to aid in the search effort for Haleigh the phone number is (954) 553-6514 there is someone there twenty four hours a day to assist callers.

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