Satsuma Florida- The step mother of missing Florida girl Haleigh Cummings has reportedly been interviewed and questioned for more then 30 hours. Misty has yet to give a consistent account of what happened from 7 pm on February 9th to 3 am on February 10th . Investigators have become frustrated with her lack of knowledge of what transpired that evening. Misty also told investigators she was mistaken on what exactly Haleigh was wearing when she was last seen. Misty thought she was wearing a pink shirt, but later found the shirt she recalled Haleigh wearing in the laundry hamper.

Misty has told several accounts as to what happened the evening before up to the time she realized Haleigh was missing. Misty claims to of put Haleigh and her younger brother Jr. to bed at 8 pm. She says she stayed up to do some laundry and turned into bed at 10 pm., she says that she was awakened at 3 am to use the toilet but never made it because she noticed a light on. She went to investigate. She realized that the back door had been open and the screen propped open with bricks. Misty says that she ran back to the bedroom to call Haleigh’s father Ron at work then noticing that Haleigh was gone.

Jr. Haleigh’s younger brother told his and Haleigh’s biological mother Crystal Sheffield that “a man in black took sissy”. Investigators have given polygraph tests to Misty along with the other adults in contact with Haleigh including her father Ron and mother Crystal. They have all been required to give dna samples also.

Crystal Sheffield Haleigh’s mother is planning on opening a Haleigh Bug Headquarters  to aid in the search and recovery effort of Haleigh. People can call in with there tips regarding Haleigh for the investigators there, they can also make donations to aid in the search for Haleigh. Someone will be at the headquarters round the clock. Investigators have yet to comment on the results of Misty or anyone of the other polygraph tests. They also have not commented on Jr.’s statement to Crystal about the man in black.

Investigators have told Marie Griffis that  they have no clues. They have done several procedure searches of areas that they felt needed to be covered. They also recently went back to the house where Haleigh disappeared from and removed the screen door for evidence. No word on that yet either. Everyone is still considered a suspect no one has been ruled out. Due to Misty’s inconsistencies she is still the main focus at this time. Her cousin Joe is also still being investigated.

Anyone with information  about Haleigh or her disappearance are asked to call Crime Stoppers at  1-888-277-TIPS .

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