Satsuma Florida-  The attorney for Crystal Sheffield, Haleigh Cumming’s mother has made some hefty accusations against Ron Cummings Haleigh’s father. Kim Picazio the attorney hired by Crystal Sheffield made a statement on Friday to Wesh news that “there is credible evidence of physical abuse of the children in Ronald Cummings household.”

Kim Picazio has also had contact with Putnam County victims advocate with the information she had regarding Haleigh and her younger brother Jr.  Crystal has accused Ron in the past publicly of domestic violence against her and the kids. She has also accused Ron of being a drug abuser.

Ron has adamantly denied the accusations coming from Crystal and her mother Marie Griffis. His family has also stood by him denying all accusations coming from Crystal and her mother. Ron has said that his past and his record have absolutely nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance and that Misty nor himself are involved in Haleigh’s disappearance. Both have given polygraph tests and both have claimed to passed. Investigators for the Putnam County sheriffs office have yet to verify there claims.

Misty Croslin is the last adult to of had contact with Haleigh the night of her disappearance, she claims that she put Haleigh and her younger brother to bed at 8 pm on the night of February 9th . She says she went to bed at 10 pm that night. She says that she was awoken to use the toilet at 3 am on February 10th when she realized the kitchen light was on and the back door to the trailer open, she says the screen door was propped open with bricks. Misty claims the light was off and the back door shut and securely locked when she went to bed. Once she realized the door was open and the light on she then says she ran into the bedroom where she says  her and the children were sleeping to call Ron and that is when she noticed Haleigh was gone. Misty has been questioned numerous times by investigators and has yet to be cleared as a suspect. At this time no one has been cleared. Investigators are keeping information to themselves letting little out to the public.

Anyone with any information about Haleigh her where abouts or her abduction are asked to call Putnam County Sheriff Office at (386) 329-0800 , or Crime Stoppers at  1-888-277-TIPS (8477) .

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