Having just watched the news equivalent of the WWF, I find myself wondering exactly what is going on?

Nancy Grace and her ‘team’ love to play with the facts. Thursday was a perfect example. The jail audio which First Coast News, The Sky 97.3, and Bloggernews had published before 11am Thursday irks me. This tape was not EXCLUSIVE to HLN. In fact HLN were late getting in the game! All of the rest of us had an 8 hour lead!

The recent Bombshell that Tommy Croslin’s wife had filed for divorce was older than an aged ham. This was an event that has historical significance rather than news.

But what is actually going on in the case?

The answer is that I do not know. I have no special access to the inner workings of the PCSO.  My information comes through he same routes as every other news organization covering it. The email addresses and phone numbers have been published numerous times. This case is one that they wish to show transparency on, while maintaining a very professional attitude. When I contact them, they always reply. I try to ask questions that clarify the current situation. I do not ask for speculation, I know that they will not take that route.

What I am seeing is some disarray in the ranks of the Croslin’s and Cummings. The cops may not have them fingered completely for the Haleigh Cummings disappearance, but they all seem to have a part to play. The drug side of the equation seems to be paying dividends.

The 15 year sentence given to Hope Sykes, who by most is viewed as a mere ‘bit player’ set the stage.

If we are to believe certain news orgs, Ronald Cummings has now inked the deal on his plea bargain, apparently ratting out the rest of the miscreants. Ex wife, ex babysitter, ex who knows what Misty Croslin, her brother Tommy Croslin, and Equusearch former member Donna Brock. You don’t need a PhD in astrophysics to figure out that 15 years is better than 85. Of course, one wonders why he would ‘cop a plea’ if he was innocent?

Tommy Croslin is also enjoying the largess of the jail system. Many thought that he would be the first to crack. What does Tommy know? He seems to love to point the finger at the well known Cousin Joe. But, so what?

The police seem to be quite capable of rounding up the folks they want, I’d lay a bet that if they thought Cousin Joe was involved, they would have rounded him up on one charge or another. Drugs, Firearms, Stealing, oh the possibilities are endless.

Is it just me? How come we are hearing so little about the remaining members of the Famous Five (apologies to Enid Blyton readers).

What has happened to Donna Brock? Why no court appearances?

What do they have cooking for Misty Croslin?

If Hope Sykes and Ronald Cummings can score a 15 year all expenses paid vacation, how many years will Misty win?

I am sure that this will be a subject of discussion on Sundays program. The link is here.

Simon Barrett

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