Tuesday, August 10, 2010 was the mark of 18 months since little Haleigh Cummings has been missing. Numerous searches, hundreds of tips, lots of family arrests for unrelated charges, yet none of this has helped to find Haleigh. It sure makes me wonder sometimes if someone is just not looking in the right direction in this case.

I wasn’t at the vigil held last night, but I sure wish I could have been. What I have seen from other articles online though it gave me a pretty good idea who participated in this event though. Diena Thompson, Somer Thompson’s mother appeared to show her support to the family. She probably could relate to everything this family is feeling since she herself went through the same thing with her daughter back in October 2009 when her little body was found. Diena was quoted from news4jax.com as saying, “We’re talking about our similar situations and how it makes us feel and I think we both give each other solace.”

Teresa Neves and Annette Sykes, Haleigh’s grandmother and great-grandmother, were there wearing T-shirts with Haleigh’s face and name on the front. Sykes says it is important for people to know that Haleigh is still missing. She is still out there somewhere. “We believe she is alive and not just our family, but there is an unbelievable amount of people who believe Haleigh’s alive,” she said.

“We realize that Haleigh has touched the lives of people across this nation and even other nations. She has a smile that warms the hearts of hearts,” said Sykes. “Because we fully believe that Haleigh is alive, this is a vigil of celebration of her life.”

The PCSO has now changed the status of Haleigh’s case from missing child case to a homicide investigation. As far as the family is concerned though, until they can show some proof that she is not alive they will continue with their hopes and prayers that she will be found and returned home safely. So they will continue doing what they can to keep her name in the public and also her picture to help remind the people across the country or world that if they see this little girl to please call the police.

This is what we at BNN are trying to do as well. Until this child is found, one way or another, we will keep her picture and her name out there. We don’t want her case to go into the cold case files. She deserves better than that. She wouldn’t want to be forgotten, and we are not going to forget her. We will do whatever we can do to keep this case out there to the public.

Now on August 17, which is Haleigh’s birthday the family are planning to have another vigil to honor her birthday. They have a scheduled balloon release to be held at 2:17 pm which represents the time Haleigh was born only she was born at 2:17 am instead. Please take note that this time is being reported differently on myspace for balloons for Haleigh. They are saying the release is to be at 2:16 pm and not 2:17. All the other reports that I could find are saying 2:17 so I am not sure who is right. I think it should be figured out though before the release since the time is significant to coincide to the time of Haleigh’s birth.

I did just get a report that the time is indeed 2:16 pm. Apparently the time of birth has been confirmed from Haleigh’s birth certificate and the time of her birth was not 2:17 am it was actually 2:16 am so that is when the balloons will be released only it will be at 2:16 pm.

Help this family keep this child’s name out in the public. Let’s show her that we have not forgotten her. I am one of those that still believes Haleigh is alive and even though most don’t agree with me, I refuse to believe she isn’t until she is found.

My prayers are with Haleigh and her family everyday and every night. I keep praying that she will be found soon. She needs to come home, her family needs her home. The world needs her home. She has become a part of all of our lives, now. Haleigh we all love you honey so we pray that soon you will find your way home so we all can celebrate your return.

Jan Barrett

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