Hank “Tommy” Croslin Jr has been moved back to Putnam County Jail according to Putnam County Jail. Tommy is in jail on several charges of drug trafficking. He was arrested along with his sister Misty Croslin, Ronald Cummings, Hope Sykes and Donna Brock after an undercover operation for illegal sales of prescription drugs.

Tommy was brought over to St. Johns County Jail at the request of Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy. Sheriff Hardy thought it would be better so that Tommy wouldn’t be with the others that were jailed along with him in Palatka.

Tommy pleaded no contest at his court hearing three weeks ago on the trafficking charge   and he is scheduled to be sentenced on the drug charges on July 6. Sheriff Hardy feels that now would be a good time to bring Tommy back to the jail in Putnam County.

Tommy’s sister, Misty Croslin is believed to the last person to have seen little Haleigh Cummings, daughter of Ronald Cummings. She married Ronald Cummings after Haleigh disappeared which caused a lot of suspicion as for the timing of their marriage. The marriage didn’t last long and they were soon divorced.

Putnam County detectives that have been investigating Haleigh Cummings disappearance think that because of Misty’s different, she could have information that she is not revealing that could possible solve the case.

Sheriff Hardy now says that the authorities are saying this is now a homicide. After the last search in April when they had the team of divers at the Shell Harbour boat ramp to the St Johns River they came to the conclusion that she is probably dead. The search lasted three days. During the search they found a bone which they thought to be a human’s bone but later announced that it was only an animal bone yet now they are claiming that it is from a Native American and it was too old and large to even possibly be of Haleigh’s. According to Lt. Johnny Greenwood it is not unusual for them to find to find bones of American Natives in that area since a large number had once settled there.

Five year old Haleigh Cummings has been missing since February 10, 2009 and authorities have not been able to find any trace whatsoever of her even though there have been massive searches by law enforcement officers and volunteers.

This really amazes me. I know the police are leaning on Misty and her brother for information on what happened to Haleigh but I honestly can’t help but wonder if Misty, Ronald and Tommy are really smart enough or experienced enough to plan out a story that could cover up any wrong doings on their part involving Haleigh for this long. Sorry but I am just not buying it. It takes a really smart person to figure out a perfect murder plan. It takes time and unless this was something they have been planning for weeks or months prior to Haleigh’s disappearance, I just have a hard time believing this was their doings. It is more likely to be a plan from someone that has a lot of experience and that knows how to get away with this. It would take a lot longer than even a few hours to plan what they are thinking they have done and continue keeping it for 16 plus months I refuse to believe in my heart that Haleigh is dead and until they show me proof I will continue thinking so.

I am told that in Louisiana a person has to be missing for 7 years in order for a death certificate to be issued and unless the case is considered to be a homicide, then the 7 years stands. Now from what I could find in Florida a person missing has to be gone for 5 years before they can be declared dead. What I can’t find is if the missing person’s case is listed as a homicide could the law be the same as Louisiana. Anyway it is a food for thought. A death certificate is needed to collect life insurance on a deceased person too I believe. It sure makes my mind wonder.

The main thing here is Haleigh needs to be found either way. I wish it would be by finding her living with someone else somewhere in another state or perhaps even another country but I can’t say for sure. If she is no longer alive then her body needs to be recovered so the family’s on both sides need to know so this case can be solved. Enough is enough and it is way past the time for someone that has information about what happened that night comes forth.

Just keep your prayers going for Haleigh where ever she is. She will always be kept in mine. God bless you Haleigh!

Jan Barrett

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