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This is from the PCSO Incident report involving Ronald Cummings:

Direction: South on State Road 19 to 308B

On December 30 2009, I responded to the above location in response to a possible Assault.

Upon arrival I spoke with Charles Jones III who advised he was driving down County Road 308B when he drove up behind a white truck he knew as Ronald Cummings. Charles stated at that time the truck tried to run him off the road, at which point the front of his car met with the back of Ronald’s.

Observation of Charles vehicle showed old front end damage but no new damage.

Charles also said after Ronald parked in the middle of the road and stuck a gun out the window and said “I will kill you mother fucker”. Charles said he sped by the other vehicle. Charles said the gun was black and could fit in the palm of your hand. Charles also stated he clearly identified Ronald Cummings as the driver and there was no one else in the vehicle.

Charles stated he wanted to pursue charges. Charles then signed/completed a voluntary statement and a charging affidavit. Charles was supplied a Victim’s Right’s pamphlet.

I then met with Ronald Cummings at 126 4th Ave.. Ronald advised he was traveling down 308B when he came across a car parked in the middle of the road. Ronald stated the vehicle belonged to Charles and as soon as he went by Charles pursued him attempting to run him off the road.

Ronald stated Misty Cummings was in the truck with him and he had her call 911 about what was occurring.

Ronald stated he was picking up Misty from Buffalo Bluff to get the rest of her belongings from his house. Ronald stated that he did indeed have a gun but did not carry the gun with him. Ronald said he kept the gun in a gun cabinet inside the house.

Ronald then supplied the location to the firearm and access to it. Ronald stated the gun is always secured inside the gun cabinet in the house and he did not have it during the incident.

Ronald signed/completed a voluntary statement.

Upon observation of Ronald’s truck there was no evidence of a rear end collision.

While there I spoke with Misty Cummings who advised Ronald went to her house and picked her up so she could get the rest of her things from his house.

Misty said Charles raced up behind her and Ronald flashing his lights in an attempt to run them off the road. Misty went on to say Charles attempted to pass them a couple times and at one point he almost collided with an oncoming car.

Misty stated Ronald did not have a gun during the incident and she never saw one.

Misty signed/completed a voluntary statement.

The charging affidavit will be forwarded to the State’s Attorney’s Office for further review.

In view of the above information this case is deemed exceptionally cleared.

Any further reports will be

completed in a timely manner and submitted as required.


This is from the PCSO Incident report involving Misty Croslin:

Driving Directions: Highway 17 South, Right on County Road 309, Left on County Road 308B, Right on 4th Avenue (Last residence on the Left)

While investigating a related incident (see PCSO Case# 2009-11512), I was made aware of several threatening and harassing phone calls which were made due to the events in the aforementioned case.

Misty Cummings told me that she’d been receiving threatening and harassing phone calls from Charles “Charlie” Jones, and his father, who is also Charles Jones. Misty said that Charlie was leaving messages regarding the incident in 09-11512.

Misty told me that Charlie’s messages were verbally abusive, and that he boasted that he would get female friends to beat up Misty due to the earlier altercation.

Misty had at least three messages from Charlie. Misty said that Charles had also called and left several messages. Charles’ messages threatened to do harm to Ronald Cummings.

Charles, in his messages, demanded to know where Ronald lived, and what his phone number was. Charles said that he wanted to “talk to Ronald if you know what I mean” and said that he wanted to confront Ronald prior to Law Enforcement making contact with him.

Misty played the voicemail messages while in my presence. Misty wished to pursue criminal charges, and was allowed to sign a complaint affidavit against both Charlie and Charles for Harassing/Threatening Phone Calls.

I relocated to Charles residence, and made contact with him. Charles was advised not to call Misty any more. Charlie was not present during my interview with Charles, but Charles said that he would advise Charlie to not call anymore as well.

The complaint affidavits will be forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office for further review.

In view of the above information, this case is deemed Exceptionally Cleared. Any further reports will be completed, in a timely manner, and submitted as required.

ID #1256 12/31/2009 04:53

Approving Supervisor:

R.FRANK ID #1146



Reporting Officers:

Scene: 216 4th Avenue

Reporting Officers:



#0 12/31/2009 05:42

Approving Supervisor:

R.FRANK ID #1146



Here is the press release:



JeffHardy, Sheriff

Media Release

December 31st, 2009

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has received several inquiries regarding the incidents involving Ronald and Misty Cummings on 12/20/2009. These events are not related to the Haleigh Cummings investigation in any way. I have attached copies of the two Offense Incident Reports filed last night by the investigating deputies.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office will not be participating in any formal interviews or providing statements regarding last evening’s incidents. The main focus of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is solving the Haleigh Cummings investigation.

Lieutenant Johnny Greenwood
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
130 Orie Griffin Blvd.
Palatka, Florida 32177
(386) 326.2782

TJ Hart

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