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Not long after the arrests of Ronald Cummings–the father of missing 6-year-old Haleigh Cummings of Satsuma, FL, his ex-wife/babysitter Misty Croslin–the last person to see the child, and three others in a Putnam County drug sting, the interviews started rolling…again.

In an exclusive interview by phone from Ronald’s Flagler County jail cell,’s Dana Treen spoke with Cummings about his arrest and incarcertion:

“From his one-man cell at the Flagler County jail Sunday, Ronald Cummings said he hasn’t been questioned yet about the disappearance of his daughter, Haleigh, but said her still open case made him a target.

“They told me their main focus is not putting me in jail, it was finding Haleigh,” Cummings said in a phone call to a Times-Union reporter.

Meanwhile, authorities have made no secret that Cummings, Croslin and others arrested in the undercover drug operation will be asked about Haleigh. Investigators have said the two cases are not connected. Detectives working on the disappearance were kept in the dark about the drug case that evolved from a tip, authorities said after the arrests.

“I’m going to prison,” he said. He said he had no idea how long any sentence might be. When Cummings was arrested, a Sheriff’s Office spokesman said convictions on all the charges could mean 43 years in prison.

“This is a setback in my life,” Cummings said.”

In an interview Monday morning with NBC’s “Today,”  Haleigh Cummings’ paternal grandmother said she suspects former daughter-in-law Misty Croslin is the key to finding the little girl.

“I believe, whether or not she realizes it, Misty is holding something that could possibly help Haleigh’s case,” Teresa Neves told NBC’s Ann Curry. “All the law enforcement have said she is the key to this. You have to figure that there’s something that she’s not telling.”

Neves said she didn’t know if Croslin is withholding information on purpose or subconsciously.

The main focus on “Today” was Haleigh, who has been missing nearly a year. Grandmother Neves said she didn’t believe Croslin had done anything to hurt the 5-year-old girl.

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