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Shortly after the father of missing Satsuma, Fla. girl HaLeigh Cummings was arrested on drug charges, her mother, Crystal Sheffield was given full custody of her little brother, Ronald Cummings Jr.

On Wednesday, Ronald Cummings, along with his ex-wife Misty and her brother, and two others, were arrested for drug trafficking. If convicted as charged, FDLE officials say Misty could serve 74 years in state prison while Ronald could be sentenced to as much as 43 years behind bars.

The arrests took place after a month long sting that determined that Cummings and the others were illegally buying and selling prescription drugs. Although HaLeigh’s disappearance over a year ago and the recent arrests are totally unrelated, police are hopeful the arrests will help them solve the case of the missing girl.

An emergency hearing was held Thursday to determine who should obtain custody of HaLeigh’s little brother, Ronald Cummings, Jr. after the elder Cummings’ arrest, according to reports on News 4 Jax. Crystal Sheffield, the mother of both HaLeigh and Ronald Jr. was awarded custody of the boy, and was allowed to pick him up on Friday afternoon, according to the post made by Marie Griffis on her Facebook page.

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