The last known person to see little Haleigh Cummings, who is the Florida girl that has been missing since February 10, 2009, was the then babysitter, 17 year old Misty Croslin. Police claim she is not actually considered as a suspect but they definitely think she holds the key to the puzzle they need to solve this crime.

Misty along with her now ex-husband, Ronald Cummings, Misty’s brother, Tommy Croslin, Ronald’s 18 year old cousin, Hope Sykes and Donna Brock were all arrested during an undercover drug bust in Florida in January. Misty is being charged with 8 counts of drug trafficking in Putnam County and St. John’s County.

Hope Sykes plead a no contest plea and everyone was in total shock when the judge sentenced her to 15 years in prison. Now brother, Tommy Croslin has pled no contest and he will receive his sentence next month sometimes. I am sorry to say but it wouldn’t shock me if Tommy is sentenced a bit more than just the three years he keeps saying he expects to serve.

Misty’s court date was set in Putnam County for August 23, 2010 which coincidentally is the same date that a judge set today for her to appear before a jury trial in St. John’s County as well. is reporting that neither the defense attorney, Robert Fields not the prosecutor bothered to mention to the judge, Circuit Court Judge Wendy Berger, that the two dates are the same. Fields claims he is waiting on evidence analysis from the Department of Law Enforcement and said he does expect to later ask for a change in the trial date in St. John’s County.

Hank Croslin Sr. is standing by his daughter saying she is not guilty of these charges despite the released surveillance video where she is clearly seen making the deal along with Ronald, Tommy, Hope and Donna Brock.

Hank says all this is because of the Haleigh Cummings investigation. He claims the police are just trying to get more information from Misty about what could have possibly happened to Haleigh when she disappeared that night.

Although I do agree that that is probably why the drug deal came out, I think it will be hard to argue that she is innocent in what she is currently being charged for. It has to be really hard for Hank Sr. to accept this though. I know if it were my two kids involved in this I would have lost my mind by now.

I do hope that all of this has been done for nothing though. I pray that after all these months being behind bars for the drug charges that one of those arrested will finally open up and for once in their life tell the truth here.

I don’t know who is guilty here but I still stick with my theory that NO ONE should be cleared in this until the guilty party is found. No one should be eliminated until we get the truth. I know everyone doesn’t agree with me but I seriously think this. In my eyes no one has been cleared completely yet. I don’t think anyone involved in this case should be able to sit back and relax about not being investigated. I think they all should be drilled over and over again with questions.

Let’s pray we will have an answer soon. I worry sometimes that no one will ever open up about what happened to Haleigh and her case will go unsolved and then the person responsible will go unpunished. Haleigh would never receive the justice she rightfully deserves if that happens and that is so unfair to this adorable little girl. If this happens I do hope the one responsible is cursed with bad luck for the rest of their life. I hope they will be haunted by the memory of what they have done every day that they live. I hope when they wake up in the mornings that Haleigh’s face is the first thing they think about and the last thing they think about when they go to sleep at night. I hope they will suffer from losing their own sanity after what they have done to this child.

God be with you Haleigh Cummings. They say you are no longer with us on this earth but I still can’t let go of that gut feeling that you are still alive out there somewhere. No one knows for sure if you are or not though. If they say it as a fact then that someone must know more about what happened than they are saying and they should speak up about what they know. I do pray that someone will one day soon.

Jan Barrett

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