The woman that is the last one to have seen missing Haleigh Cummings from Palatka Florida was in court today for seven drug trafficking charges she has against her. Misty is scheduled to appear in court next week in St. John’s County to face an eight trafficking count there.

Misty Croslin was arrested in January along with her ex-husband, (Haleigh’s father) Ron Cummings, her brother, Tommy Croslin, Hope Sykes and Donna Brock after an undercover operation.

In court this morning, Misty appeared with her hair braided tightly to the top of her head. The judge set a trial date for Misty in August. She was told her trial date would be August 23 but she will only have until August 16 to make a plea.

Tommy Croslin stood before the judge this morning and entered a no-contest plea to his drug trafficking and possession of hydrocodone charges and it is said that he will be sentenced sometime after July 6. Croslin admitted to the judge that he only had a 10th grade education and the last job he had had was about a year ago.

Tommy’s charges have a minimum sentencing of three years behind bars but a judge could change that to 44 months. The sentence could go as high as 30 years.

Tommy Croslin’s attorney, James Werter stated that his client has told the police everything he knows about the Haleigh Cummings case but apparently the State Attorney’s Office seems to be looking for more information. Werter says about his client, “He wants to get this behind him and move on.” Werter says that once he and Croslin went over the facts in the drug case they decided that the no-contest plea was the best way to go.

Hank and Lisa Croslin, Tommy and Misty’s parents were both in court today for both hearings. It was the first time in months that Lisa got to see her daughter. She told reporters that, “Misty is getting fat and Tommy was losing weight.”

The Croslin’s were not informed of their son’s plans on changing his plea to no-contest today but Hank Sr. says he will support his son either way. To me that is how true parents that love their kids should react. I would have no respect for anyone that could turn their backs on their own children when they do something wrong. Even when we know our children are guilty of something we still should be there for them. We should stand by them and help them learn from the mistakes they made, not keep insisting they are innocent and fighting the world while doing so.

Hank and Lisa have their own problems I know, but at the same time these two parents are going through hell as well worrying about their kids. Some say they should have thought about this before when they were raising their kids but if we were all to be honest do we ever think that far in advance when raising our children. I am sure they want the best for their kids as well but just made bad choices in raising them. I have seen parents give their children the best of life only to have them turn out as murderers or drug users that are in and out of trouble all the time. I have also seen parents that could care less about their children and have them turn out to become college graduates. So one can’t always blame how a child turns out on how they were raised. I know everyone doesn’t agree with me but I am only saying what I know as to be facts of life.

My heart goes out to this family. None of this is bringing us any closer to finding Haleigh though. Why has it come to having to destroy so many lives while trying to find her?  Why won’t the person responsible come forth and admit what happened to Haleigh? We all sit and wait for that to happen. We pray that an answer will come out soon. As for myself, I still can’t give up on the feeling that this precious child is still alive but I am still holding back on my personal theories about what COULD HAVE happened that night. Hopefully soon we will see who has the correct theory if any of us do. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong though. All that matters is that Haleigh is found either way. Until then God bless this little girl where ever she is.

Jan Barrett

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