It didn’t take Tommy Croslin long to start complaining after he was put back in Putnam County Jail in Florida. Tommy is presently behind bars facing drug charges along with his sister Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings. Hope Sykes and Donna Brock were also arrested.

haleigh-cummings-1.jpgRonald Cumming is the father of Haleigh Cummings that disappeared over a year ago. Misty Croslin was babysitting and she was the last person to see Haleigh.

Tommy’s attorney, James Werter, has filed a motion for Tommy on Monday claiming that Tommy has been harassed and threatened by authorities.

One of the complaints is that when he was moved back to Putnam County from the St. John’s County Jail, he was put into general population section in a cell with bad plumbing and ventilation.

Croslin complained that Putnam County Sheriff’s Office detectives have visited him just to harass him and threaten him saying they will tell the other prisoners false information about him that that apparently lead to some physical harm to Tommy.

Tommy also says that the detectives told him that he would be charged with the slaying of Haleigh Cummings if he doesn’t talk and that they will accuse him of being a murderer in front of other people. He was denied access to the telephone to speak with his attorney by the same detectives who had harassed and threatened him.

The motion also claims that Tommy was forced out of his cell by Captain Piscitello, Detectives Jon Merchant and Peggy Cone despite objections to any interview without benefit of his attorney. They told Tommy that he didn’t need an attorney and that the attorney of record and his private investigator were ratting him out and were going to testify against him in court.

James Werter is claiming that his client’s civil rights have been violated and he wants the detectives that are responsible for doing this to be held in contempt. This is the reason he wants to have his client transferred back to St. John’s County Jail. There has been a hearing set for this motion on July 16th.

At a pretrial hearing where Tommy faced the judge on the drug charges he pleaded no contest. Tommy is being charged with one count of possession, a third degree felony, and one count of trafficking in hydrocodone which is a first degree felony.

You can go here and read the motion that was filed on Monday courtesy of

The question here is, is any of this true? Has Tommy really been harassed and threatened as he claims he was. If he was these detectives have some answering to do.

I have been hearing what everyone is saying. You want to know what this has to do with finding Haleigh. I say it does in a certain way but then again it depends on who you think is guilty. If Tommy knows anything about Haleigh’s disappearance I am assuming that the detectives are trying to make him talk. Now if Tommy knows nothing then none of this has anything to do with finding Haleigh, but at least it will either take more drug sellers off the streets.

We all need to stick together on this. There is no need to fight over an opinion just because you don’t agree. Also name calling no matter how small it may be is NOT allowed in here.

Be sure to say your prayers for Haleigh. Ask God to bring this precious child home either way. It is way over time for this case to be solved. God bless all of you!

Jan Barrett

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