This just in from TJ Hart. There is no doubt that this case is once more on the move. Now we have momentum, hopefully things will continue to happen. To mis-quote my good friend Bill Staubs, it is like plumbing, when you apply pressure the pipes burst. The plumbing in this case looks like it is headed for a major failure – Simon 

REPORTER’S NOTES: Haleigh Cummings Case 09/09/09

editorial thoughts from TJ Hart

After a long lull in the action, the pace has picked up significantly in the search for missing 6-year-old Haleigh Cummings who disappeared from her father’s home February 10, 2009 while under the watch of her babysitter–now 17-year-old stepmother Misty Croslin-Cummings.

Over the past several days we reported that Misty flunked a polygraph miserably. She reportedly asked to take the polygraph to clear her name, but later said she was duped into taking it along with a voice stress analysis and a failed hypnosis attempt. We also reported on Ron’s phone records, Ron’s timeline, a fight over the phone with Misty while Ron was at work. And lastly, the potential sighting of Haleigh Cummings at a Massachusetts Walmart and the unrelated-to-the-sighting questioning of Misty’s brother Timmy and his wife who now live in Massachusetts.

I still question a lot of things in the child’s disappearance such as the timelines for police, Haleigh’s father Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin-Cumming–the last person to see Haleigh.

Let’s start with the call to police.  If things got rolling with the officers to Ronald’s home at about 3:27 a.m., this transcription of the police radio calls in that situation the night Haleigh was taken states that Misty told dispatchers she last saw Haleigh at about 2 or 2:30 a.m.

This is the transcription of the police radio transmission:

OP=dispatch. MLE=male LE. FLE=female LE. Single digit numbers behind MLE or FLE correspond to the different deputies responding to call. S = Sgt. Blanks are where words were garbled. Numbers beginning with 12 are individual officers’ ID numbers, those beginning with 11 denote rank of Sgt. When OP or anyone else calls out an 11 or 12 number that officer responds with his/her number – usually.

OP: 1271. 265. Signal 8.
MLE1: 1271.
OP: 202 Green Lane. 2 zero 2 Green Lane. The complainant’s advising she cannot find her 5 year old daughter. The backdoor is open at this time.
MLE1: 10:4. _______51_____code _____17.
OP: It’s 51 code. Sierra 1120.
MLE1: 10:26. Go ahead and advise 1118, I believe she is in the squad room.
OP: 1118.
FLE1: I’m 10:26. I’ll be 10:8 in just a couple. 10:51.
OP: 10:4. 1256.
FLE1: You got a cross street?
OP: Buffalo Bluff Road to Tyler Street, left on Monroe Avenue. It’s going to be in Satsuma.
MLES: Sierra 1120.
OP: 1120.
MLES: I got the age on this kid. Is it a boy or girl?
OP: Whiskey Foxtrot. Last seen wearing her PJ’s.
MLE: 10:4.
FLE2: Advice 1256.
OP: 1256.
FLE2: There is a railroad that runs right through there. Can we find out from CSA(?) when next train come through?
OP: 10:4. It just passed through.
MLES: (short static)
OP: Sierra 1120.
MLES: Sierra 1120.
OP: Can you 10:21?
MLES: 10:4.
FLE1: Lima 1118. 10:8. 10:51. Back.
OP: 10:4.
MLES: Sierra 1120.
OP: Arvan(?) 20.
MLE1: I’m back en route now to that signal 8. Where is that located at in Satsuma?
OP: 202 Green Lane. From Buffalo Bluff Road to Tyler Street, left on Monroe.
MLE1: 10:4. I’m not but a couple blocks. 10:4.
MLE1: 471 located 10:97.
OP: 10:4. 1297.
OP: 1271 or 1256 to 13.
MLE1: 77.
OP: cool. (?)
[B]OP: Sierra 1120.
MLES: Sierra 1120.
OP: When you get to 97, can you give us an update?
MLES: They’re 77, they just haven’t located yet, but they’re 77.
OP: 10:4.
OP: Call back 1256. 1256. ____telephone____ordinary. Want me to call it in for you? 10:4.
FLE2: 1256.
FLE2: I’m available at 116 Tyler.
OP: 116 Tyler? (static) 26.
MLE1: What’s going on at 116?
FLE2: 1256.
OP: Go head.
FLE2: 10:08 from this location, going 97, back to Green.
OP: 10:4. Verifying the last time she was seen ____address.
FLE2: She was seen within her residence, about 1 to 1 1/2 hours ago..
OP: 10:4.MLES: Sierra 1120 to Lima 1118.
OP: Lima 1118. Sierra 1120. She advises 10:84. 1118 was not working earlier.
MLES: Why not? (or what?)
FLE1: Lima 1118.
OP: 1118.
FLE2: Reference call at 19 and 20. We believe it’s gonna all be in the city. If not, let us know. So far.
OP: So far.
FLE2: She’ll 10:8 to 51 to the south end. Also, I’ve talked to a (or the) City Supervisor, they’ve got a K-9 10:8 that’s gonna be en route.
OP: 10:4.
FLE2: When you get a good 10:8 from this location, if ya’ll just give him driving directions to where he needs to go.
OP: 10:4.
OP: 10:4. Go ahead.
FLE2: It’s off of Tyler. Take left. It’s a little dirt trail which comes around to Green Lane. Come in at back.
OP: 10:4. Tyler, take left, dirt trail, advise take right.
FLE2: 10:4. ______the first dirt road.
OP: 1256. 10:80 to LA Tuck (?).
MLES: Sierra 1120 to 1271.
MLES: 1120 to 1271.
MLE3: 1271. Go ahead sir.
MLES: Stay at the residence, maintain that point of access, reference for (or to) K-9’s and do another thorough search from inside the house. (this is 6 minutes into the calls)
MLE3: That’s 10:4.
MLES: 1120 to 1256.
FLE2: Yes, Sgt.
MLES: Are you back at the uh, house?
FLE2: 10:4.
MLES: Is that 10:4 or 10:54?
FLE2: 10:4. I’m back on Green Lane.
MLES: 10:4. Go ahead and gather as much information as you can get about any family or anything around here and uh, go ahead and call in and get her reported a signal 8.
OP: 10:4. It’s already done, Sir..
FLE1: Lima 1118.
OP: 1118.
FLE1: Make contact with Sgt. Riles (sp?) and when he calls in, patch him through to my cell please.
OP: 10:4.
OP: 1118. I’m patching him through at this time.
FLE1: Thank you.
FLE1: 1118. 10:97.
OP: 10:4. 10:97. Sierra 1120 are you 10 on me, 7?
MLES: 1120. 10:97 area, hold on.
OP: 10:4.
OP: 1 kilo 22.
MLES: 1120 to 1390, 19.
MLE4: 1319. Yes, Sgt.
MLES: Come on down to Buffalo Bluff Road and 17. Just start taking tags or stopping vehicles that are leaving from this area.
MLE4: 10:29.
MLE4: 1319. Send me en route from San Mateo.[/B]OP: 10:4.
MLE4: Caller 1319.
OP: 10:4. Caller 10:9 your location.
MLE4: We’re going to be on Buffalo Bluff, just off 17.
OP: 10:26. Thank you.
FLE1: Lima 1118.
OP: 1118.
FLE2: Can we check with St.John Valusia(sp?), see if they can put a chopper in the air for us.
OP: 10:4.
FLE@: Also, if you’d contact Tenner at home and tell him I need him to get a boat preparted that would go into canal areas, one of the small ones, and get activated and head down this way.
OP: 10:4
FLE!: Lima 1118.
MLES: 1120 SO.
OP: Lima 1118.
FLE1: Believe Valusia (SP?) has a flare unit, I’m, I’m not sure, if they don’t have one, you may want to check with Valusia first.
FLE3: Lima 1118. As for reference Valusia having a flare, I’ll make the 25 on that. I’m trying to get Deputy Tenner on the phone.
FLE1: Okay. Thanks. 10:4.
MLES: Sierra 1120 SO.
OP: 1120.
MLES: When ya’ll make contact with uh, Deputy Tenner, advise him that it’s going to be east of the Hermit Cover Marine, in these canals, back on south/southwest of the railroad track.
OP: 10:20, Sir.
MLE5: 12, 1231.
OP: J91325, 1325, received at 3:27.
MLE: static
OP: 1231. Also, 1231 do you have a picture in reference to the Signal 8, so we can enter that.
MLE5: 10:4.
MLES: Sierra 1120.
OP: 1120.
MLES: If you would, pull us the roster for day shift, ‘cause they were working today, go ahead and make contact with the Zone 2, Zone 1, Zone 7 Officers, tell them to take a 10:08.
OP: 10:4.
MLES: _____1173.
MLE: 1173. 10:08, 10:51 at Green Street.
OP: 10:4 to 51.
MLE: static
OP: 1271.
MLE1: 1256. 10:51. In control officially. (garbled, may be incorrect)
OP: 10:26.

End of taped transmission.

Here is what I have on Ron’s timeline based on LE, PDM questions Ron answered for Tim Miller at TES, sources close to the investigation and now, Ron’s attorney Terry Shoemaker:

·                     Ron was at work for his entire shift

·                     Ron had to work late until 3am that night

·                     Ron had a fight on the telephone with Misty at about 8:30pm while he was at work

·                     Misty’s phone goes off

·                     Ron stops at a store to get beer, cigarettes and peanuts.

·                     Appears on store camera shortly after 3 a.m.

What is less solid today than last week:

·                      The EXACT time Ron went to work is getting wobbly. Ron’s attorney said last week on national television that Ron gets to work early between 4:15 to 4:30 which is closely consistent with what sources close to the investigation say. Last night on the set of the Nancy Grace Show and while sitting right next to me, Ron’s attorney Terry Shoemaker backs off a little from what he said last week on the air and now says Ron got to work that day closer to 4:30 p.m.

·                     Who picked up Haleigh at the bus stop? Ron or Misty? Lots of gray area and it all depends on who you asked and when you asked them.

Misty’s timeline is anybody’s guess, but these are just some questions have me perplexed today on top of all the others:

·                     Stated that dirty laundry is often found on the floor near back door found open the night Haleigh was taken. Why was dirty laundry found in the dryer? It would certainly make for a much easier entry for someone through that backdoor. Perhaps the clothes were put there to cover one of the many inconsistencies and backfired.

·                     Where was she the entire night? No solid answers.

·                     Why did she call her brother Timmy so often the night Haleigh disappeared?

·                     Why did she have a made bed at the time Ronald arrived home if she had been sleeping in it?

·                     Again, why is she being so evasive? Who is she protecting and why is she protecting that person or those persons?

Another day, another set of puzzling inconsistencies.

TJ Hart

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