I just heard from a very reputable source that a very disreputable news source is making some claims that are absolutely untrue!

Misty is alive and well, she has not committed suicide by shooting herself! This is another fine example of all that is wrong with some internet news sources. Lets call him ‘Joe Idiot’. Our friend just created havoc through his actions. Using a spoofed IP he managed to get a message out that was the equivalent of a 911 call. Misty Croslin-Cummings has shot herself.

There is a rumor that Joe Idiot has posted before on BNN, needless to say we have been combing our logs, if we can track down this scum we will. And the first email will be to LE.

Another rumor doing the blogs is that LE are draining a swamp. This is Bull Sh!t. This is what happens with third hand, eye witnesses!

Oh and while we are at it, the chopper in the air was looking for a grow op. It had nothing to do with Haleigh.

I have reached the stage where I seriously give serious thought to the value of internet reporting.

I have had more calls today on these BS subjects than I care to think about. Lets get back to the idea of finding Haleigh Cummings. Maybe if people concentrated on finding the little girl rather than trying to waste everyones time with these idiotic accusations, maybe, just maybe, we could move forward.

I know for sure that LE are getting grumpy, and I do not blame them.

Update: Please see http://www.bloggernews.net/122308

Simon Barrett

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