Details are sketchy, but there certainly is something going on in Putnam County tonight. We have no details, but obviously the Haleigh Cummings search is taking on a new direction.

For months I have been fielding questions about why the PCSO do not do something in this case, “haul them all into jail” people screamed. The problem was that there was little that people could be charged with. Misty buying cigarettes was hardly going to be a reason to keep her incarcerated for more than a few minutes.

The one thing that we were all convinced of though was at some point they would make some egregious error. That error seems to have been made today.

Misty Croslin, Ronald Cummings, and ‘rat boy’ Hank Croslin are all behind bars. The incident was obviously drug related. But this was no minor infraction of getting busted with a joint or a couple of Oxy’s. This is major stuff.

Hank Croslin is the bronze medal winner, his bond only sits at $100,000.

Ronald Cummings comes in with the silver medal, his bond is set at a hefty $500.000.

But the gold winner is Misty Croslin, she managed to get herself a $700,000 problem.

Just another day in Putnam County!

It is often hard to relate bond allegations to the actual events, but this ‘family’ round up does seem to involve a large amount of illegal drugs. Quite honestly I would not trust any of them with a bottle of Baby Aspirins, one has to wonder who the ‘brain cell’ was that involved them?

TJ has the booking details.

Simon Barrett

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