Well I think it would be fair to say that it was another lively program. Or regular panel of Simon and Jan Barrett, Denny Griffin, TJ Hart, and Levi Page were in action.

I have to admit that TJ was on top form, the subject of missing children is not a humorous one, however every case does have its humorous aspects. There has been a bit of an inside press joke going on for some months now concerning the use of the word ‘Exclusive’ by various news organizations and reporters in this case. Jacksonville.com ran a story this morning on the subject. I have to admit that when I read it I just about fell out of my chair laughing. So to anyone that was listening in, that was where TJ was coming from.

Much of todays discussion centered around the ‘Famous Five’ that are currently cooling their heels at the tax payers expense in various law enforcement locations. I had thought that once this merry band was behind bars with huge bond ammounts assigned the tactic by Law Enforcement would be to offer reduced charges or even immunity to whoever decided to talk. Clearly that is not the case. They seem to have gone in the opposite direction.

Ronald Cummings has been moved from his vacation home in Flagler County back to Putnam County and put in the ‘general population’ of the jail. This situation is likely not ideal for his peace of mind. It does not take much investigative shoe leather to realize that directly or indirectly the Haleigh Cummings disappearance has resulted in a number of people being incarcerated on drug charges. It would be hard to believe that many people in the Purnam facility are pleased with Ronald Cummings.

Misty Croslin’s brother Tommy is also finding himself in some ever deeper water. His ante had already been upped by being placed on a ‘no bond’ hold. Well now he finds that more charges are being placed against him. The theft of a gun from a neighbor. And my all time favorite, the theft of two bottles of Dawn liquid detergent! I will bet that LE had a good chuckle over this charge.

Donna Brock also finds herself in an untenable position. She faces a somewhat unusual court appearance to determin exactly who she is, what she owns, and where she lives. This is a wonderful opportunity for a serious fishing expedition.

Misty Croslin and Hope Sykes seemed to have dodged the bullet so far. One can speculate that LE feels that with Misty on almost a $1 million bond it is unlikely that she will be getting out of jail any time soon. Hope Sykes is a dark horse, it is possible that she was merely collateral damage in the drug sweep.

You can listen to the entire program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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