Well so says Robert Fields, the attorney for Misty Croslin. Mr. Fields sent a strong letter to our good friend Leonard yesterday.

The meat and potatoes of it are:

You may have viewed or listened to conversations wherein Misty Croslin asks her mother to contact you regarding your offer of assistance.

Actually the video tells a slightly different story.  In the tapes (yes there are several) Misty Croslin tells a very different story.

Call him, get him started on this tonight. I want to be out tomorrow. (Paraphrased)

Mr. Fields goes on to tell Leonard Padilla to basically pound sand.

..To be clear, I am advising you that I have again conferred with Misty and she reaffirmed her position that she does not desire your assistance in any form.

I have spoken to Leonard on several occasions, I doubt that Fields getting himself in the middle will stop this freight train.

If Padilla goes for it, I think he is stupid, there is no way that he will get his $135K back. But Padilla does things his own way. Only time will tell on this story.

Padilla is not the first person that has contemplated getting Misty Croslin out of jail, and I doubt he will be the last.

It is my theory that the longer the entire group of miscreants, the Croslins, Cummings, and their nasty friends, stay behind bars the better off we are.

Haleigh Cummings has now been missing for over a year. Lets find Haleigh, and lets leave all of these losers in jail. Not one of them has done anything to help find Haleigh. Why let them out? Give me one good reason why these people should be allowed to walk our streets.

Simon Barrett

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