Some additional 5 hours of video and audio were released this morning. WSKY 97.3 have the DVD’s and right now both TJ Hart and I are working our way through the material. You can expect updates throughout the afternoon.

The files are very large and so we are trying to decide on the best way of making the important ones available to readers. I have been told that the Donna Brock phone calls are in this data dump, however I have not personally heard them yet. I have also been told that the audio quality is poor, it will take some time to actually analyse the information.

Most of us that are covering the search for Haleigh Cummings are quietly optimistic that with the major players Misty Croslin, Tommy Croslin and Ronald Cummings firmly behind bars the finish line on resolving the question of where is Haleigh may be in sight.

One thing is very apparent from all of the audio and video that has been released, none of those involved paid any attention to the warnings that their phone calls and visits would be taped!

I also want to let people know that it is our intention to run a special program on BTR tomorrow at 1pm Eastern to discuss the new developments, we will also be running our regular Sunday program at 4pm eastern.

UPDATE: these files are so huge, that we are still trying to wrestle them to the ground! Even the TV folks are having issues with them. Also the Donna Brock material is almost incomprehensible. The audio quality is so poor that itis going on the back burner for right now.

Simon Barrett

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