It was announced today that the attorney who represented Crystal Sheffield for several months, Kim Picazio has been cleared of all wrong doing by the Florida Bar Association. A complaint concerning Picazio had been filed on behalf of her ex-client Cyrstal Sheffield. A complete version of the letter can be found here.

There is one part that I find most curious, this is in the section discussing Picazio’s reasons for not filing for a change of custody hearing:

…Ms. Picazio also contends that your current living situation, health concerns, inability to work, and drug addiction/seizures prevented her from filing a petition for a change in custody

The key in this sentence is Drug Addiction. I read this and then showed the letter to my wife to confirm my memory. “Whoah there” was Jan’s comment, ‘This is not what Picazio said to us’.

Several months ago I had written some fairly critical articles about Kim Picazio and uninvited she popped in on one of our Sunday broadcasts. During this conversation Cobra brought up the subject of Crystal’s drug use. Picazio hotly denied that Crystal uses drugs, and most certainly was not an addict.

I am sure that with a little digging around in Blog Talk Radio vaults I can find the sound bite. As the saying goes ‘From the horses mouth.’

We will no doubt be discussing this on the program on Sunday.

Update: I have found the program in question, it is here. Kim Picazio joins in at the 41 minute mark. At 52 minutes, the drug question comes up. And I need to correct the record, it was not Cobra that brought the subject of drugs up, it was a caller. Picazio goes to great lengths to talk about how Crystal is ‘clean’.

Listening to the recording which occurred on May/31 is actually quite illuminating.

What also came out of this discussion, and should set the record straight Kim states that it was Cobra that brought her to the case. There was some discussion about this point, but listening to the recording it is pretty clear who was telling the truth.

Simon Barrett

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