Todays data dump was so large that it is hard to deal with, So far I have managed to look at a fraction of it. It totals somewhere close to 5 hours of video. There is enough information to keep the press busy for weeks. I picked just one tape, somewhere around 30 minutes in length, and it was most revealing. A Jail visit to Tommy Croslin on Feb 2. The first segment is Tommy talking to his father, the second half is Lindsey Croslin and one of their children.

In almost 30 minutes of tape Haleigh Cummings gets no mention, but other people do. Hank Croslin whips on Misty (his daughter) accusing her of being a liar. The press also was a topic mentioned. In an early part of the conversation between Tommy and Hank there is this exchange:

TC: Lindsay wrote me a letter saying me that Art Harris was sticking up for me.

HC: I don’t know I ain’t talked to Art Harris about you.

The more amusing interchange was later in the tape, Tommy is talking to his wife Lindsey:

TC: Keep in touch with them lawyers.

LC: I do. Steven Brown ,I haven’t talked to him today, but talked to him yesterday.

TC: What did he say when you talked to him?

LC: Oh he was just giving me that weird guys number.

TC: Who?

L. The guy that , he’s some bail bondsman that wants to bail you out. His name is Leonard Padilla

TC:. Did Steven Brown gave you his number?

LC:  Oh No, Art Harris did I mean. He bailed out Casey Anthony when her bail was a million dollars to get her out.

TC: I know, what was Brown saying about it? Did they have the lawyer call?

LC: Um yeah he called him but he never called me back. He said he thought it was kind of weird that he would even want to do it. He thinks there are strings attached. I don’t know.

TC: Oh well it would get me out of here for a minute.

Is this a prime example of the press creating the news?

Of course we only have the video tapes, but it certainly seems as if a reporter is inserting himself into the case (again).

In thirty minutes of video Haleigh Cummings does not get one mention, but Art Harris manages three. It makes you wonder.

We will be running a special radio show at 1pm eastern tomorrow and by then we should have had an opportunity to look at some of the other videos. Although the program is billed as a one-on-one between TJ Hart and myself, a phone call that I received today might result in there being another guest.

Simon Barrett

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