I think it is clear that my articles concerning Donna Brock have reached some folks that do not want to have their name associated with her. I received a delightful email that included this quote:

I also do not give you permission to print any part of this.  I hope you understand how many people this has hurt.  I don’t feel Donna is worth that.

This came ‘supposedly’ from someone in the group shot. I was asked to remove the photo from the article but told that it was OK to leave the close up of Donna Brock if I so desired.

I do not appreciate being grouped with her, nor did I give permission for my picture to be posted.  If you want to post the zoom in of Donna, that’s your business…..but I believe I speak for the rest of us, that we would prefer the group picture taken out.

This person also went on to explain that the ‘Finger’ was not aimed at Tim Miller, or his organization TES, the group in the photograph were just blowing off steam, they had had a hard day, and the sentiment was aimed at someone else.

This person also went on to explain that no one in the picture agreed with Donna Brock.

Of course this begs the question of why Donna Brock is not the only one in the picture that is extending a digit? Or maybe more importantly why Donna Brock is clearly the focal point in the picture. If Donna Brock was so disliked why would this group of people assemble around her?

One aspect that still puzzles me are the dates. This picture was taken three days before the termination letter. One wonders if the picture had anything to do with it?

In no way do I wish to implicate Tim Miller, nor TES in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. To do so would be crass stupidity. TES has a long history of helping some people. Alas though, there are many families that do not share this view.

What is interesting is that much of the vitriol is aimed not at the organization as a whole, but squarely at Tim Miller himself. Even within the organizations that volunteer time, money, and effort to search for missing children there seems to be a Tim Miller issue. Mark Klaas for example came out with guns blazing on a Nancy Grace program over Miller’s involvement in the Haleigh Cummings case and his use of Donna Brock as ‘bait’.

Here is a question for all of you sleuths, where is Donna Brock’s hubby? How come he has not coughed up the money to spring her from jail?

I am sure that this is going to be a discussion item on our radio program tomorrow.

Simon Barrett

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