Our good friend in St Augustine picked up he DVD’s and uploaded them to the WSKY 97.3 FTP site earlier today. You can catch all of them in this article.

We have hours of material to go through. But one thing is clear, Misty Croslin is getting very grumpy with being behind bars.

Unless I am most mistaken, Misty has plenty of cash in her jail house account, so she should be in good shape for getting Twinkie Bars and whatever else she needs. Although she might find it better to invest in some elocution lessons. In the span of two minutes she manages to use the F-word in most parts of speech. It would be humorous under other circumstances, but  it just loses it for me.

It has been said by some that are in the know that there are many similarities between the Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings cases. I am now even more convinced that this is true.

The phone calls are ‘whiney’, why me? Send more! I hate this life, get me out!

Here is the problem, at least as I see it. There are two very different cases going on, we have the search for Haleigh Cummings, and we also have the drug dealing one. From months and months ago Law Enforcement said that Misty Croslin holds the key to what happened to Haleigh Cummings. LE had little to hassle Misty Croslin with, under-age purchase of Tobacco products hardly seemed to hit the spot. Being young and stupid is no defence, but nothing seemed to phase Misty.

Arrogance, youth, stupidity, and greed finally got her.

In the deal PCSO also managed to roll up ex hubby Ronald Cummings, Misty’s brother Hank Croslin Jr (Tommy), and interestingly enough Donna Brock (Ex Texas Equusearch).

They all seem destined for LONG jail sentences. I am sure that deals could be reached, but who is going to crack first? It also becomes a more complex situation, could a plea deal on the Haleigh Cummings case buy safety in the drug case?

We have many hours of audio, it will take quite some time to digest it all.

Simon Barrett

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