Both WSKY and BNN reported the multiple arrests of people associated with the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings last night. It was a fast and furious few hours. Both TJ Hart of WSKY and BNN were burning the midnight oil.

The one thing that I have learned from reporting on this case is that you have to expect the unexpected. The PCSO in someways are like a sleeping bear, they almost seem to be hibernating for weeks, or even months at a time. But when they wake up, all hell breaks loose.

Last nights arrests, and huge bond amounts are proof of this. As the story was breaking we reported that Misty Croslin was being held on a $750,000 bond, that number has actually jumped, her bond is now just under $1,000,000.

Haleigh’s father Ronald Cummings sits in jail with a mere $500,000 problem. Rat Boy Tommy Croslin only has a $100,000 bond problem,

The really interesting name in last nights adventures is Donna Brock. This is the Texas Equusearch lady that wined, dined, and pampered Misty Croslin on Tim Miller’s expense account. Miller has been somewhat coy as to where the money came from to give Donna the money for Misty Croslin’s  fabulous vacation. He has said that it came from his own wallet. That likely is true, but how did the money make it into his wallet? Indirectly it seems a possibility that his organization might have financed a wild weekend for Misty and Donna.

TES has wasted no time to distance themselves from Donna Brock. This is the woman that Tim Miller claimed to be the very bastion of righteousness. Donna, according to interviews on cable TV was a much truanted member of TES.

TES wasted no time in publishing Donna Brock’s ‘resignation’ letter. The only problem is that it was not written by Donna Brock! She apparently did not resign, she was fired! This leads to another question, was she a volunteer or a staff member? Generally you just tell a volunteer that you thank them for their efforts, but you no longer require their efforts.

You can read the whole letter, but the statements that caught my interest were:

      Please allow this letter to serve as your official termination from Texas
EquuSearch. This was a unanimous decision reached by the Board of Directors.
Accordingly, you are to no longer represent yourself as being a member of Texas
EquuSearch, a volunteer of Texas EquuSearch, or in any way affiliated with Texas

This wording is serious, yet also nebulous. It does not actually claim that she was on the payroll.

The second, and last paragraph says:

        A formal request is being made herein for you to return any t-shirts, hats,
identification badge or anything else in your possession with the Texas EquuSearch
logo or artwork to this office at the above address immediately.

How can a trusted person like Donna become the scapegoat? Actually it is pretty simple to understand. On October the 3rd I reported this story. Now by my estimations this was almost four weeks prior to the letter of termination. What happened?

It is easy to understand why Tim Miller and TES wants to distance themselves from Donna Brock. She has become a huge iceberg in the ocean of fund-raising for the organization.

There are some people that question the integrity of Tim Miller and his organization and the Donna Brock letter is a great example. Within less than 28 days she went from being the ‘pet’ of the organization to someone that required removal. Tim Miller made lots of hay with the story about ‘his’ Donna Brock’ helping crack the Haleigh Cummings story. Nancy Grace was on it like ‘white on rice’ (well once it was explained to her).

So what went wrong? Why did Donna Brock find herself on the outs? One day she is Tim Millers best buddy, the next she is toast!

A standing joke in the industry about Tim Miller… nah, this is not the time nor place. It will come out, and maybe Donna Brock will be the person that reveals it. Sitting in jail with a $250,000 bond problem does give people lots of time to reflect. Will she spill the beans?

Simon Barrett

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