We will be running our regular call in radio program about Haleigh Cummings on Sunday at 3pm central. The panel looks like it will be full strength this week, Simon and Jan Barrett, ace reporter for WSKY 97.3 TJ Hart, investigator William Cobra Staubs, investigative journalist Levi Page, and Crime writer Denny Griffin.

It was an interesting week in the search for Haleigh Cummings. The release of the file concerning the bar complaint brought by Crystal Sheffield and her mother Marie Griffis against Kim Picazio hit the street last Monday.  That has produced a chain reaction of claims and counter claims by those mentioned in it.

Several ‘Bloggers’ were outed in the files, and it seems pretty clear that Picazio is out for blood. One in particular Pirate Girl does seem to be in the cross hairs at the moment. Although the relationship between Pirate Girl and Picazio was pretty well known, now it is in the public domain. Both TJ Hart and myself have had ministrations made to us to get involved in this cat fight, but I think I for one will decline. I’d rather have a root canal than get into that sess pool.

A far more insidious and disturbing revelation in the file was the relationship between Kim Picazio and two time Emmy winning reporter Art Harris. According the Picazio, Art Harris was used as a media consultant to assist in the rehabilitation of Crystal Sheffield’s public image. While there is nothing wrong with him accepting payment from Cobra, nor assisting Crystal Sheffield, at no time did he reveal this information. As his site proclaims:

The Truth, The Whole Truth…
and Nothing but the BALD TRUTH

He made no disclosure about his involvement with Picazio or the Sheffield’s, yet happily went along releasing ‘news stories’ often using the great term EXCLUSIVE. Certainly for a period of time his site was the hot bed for breaking news. But was it? In retrospect how can this be viewed as anything but an exercise in Public Relations? One also has to question the ownership of the videos, if he was on the payroll of Cobra when they were made, how come they are watermarked Art Harris rather than Case Closed? In fact my rumor mill, and it is both constant and reliable, tells me that there are some tapes that Art Harris is still sitting on, and refuses to hand over.

For a very revealing peek inside the early days, and exactly what Art Harris was contracted to do, I suggest that you try this link. In fact there is a huge amount of information in that interview. Clearly Art Harris has done nothing illegal, he can accept money from any source he likes. In fact he can write whatever he likes, it is after all a free country. Although most reputable journalists do not accept money or ally themselves to a side in the story with impunity, he is free to do as he wishes. To many journalists though, this is an ethical line that should not be crossed.

Even more telling was a phone call that I received this afternoon. I don’t wish to share the content, nor the source at this moment. However the source has a high credibility level in closeness to the Haleigh Cummings case. There was one comment made concerning an event earlier today that only someone on the inside could know about.

I will wait for proof positive by way of documents, but I think it is fair to say that the spin being put out in certain online arenas about who Truthteller is, are nothing more than just that, spin. There does seem to be some very conclusive proof as to who this person is. And it is not a female.

The other news, Tommy Croslin managed to get himself arrested again, this time on a battery charge, the report states that Tommy Croslin hit his father with a bag of DVD’s and a fight ensued. The Croslin clan should all be only allowed supervised visits with each other! My father is dead, but I can honestly say that at no time while he was alive did I ever try and hit him, nor him me. Sure we had arguments, we agreed to disagree on some subjects, but to strike the man is a thought that never entered my mind. If the search for Haleigh Cummings was not such a serious thing I would recommend that Spike or MTV run a reality TV program about them all!

I suspect that tomorrows program is going to be a lively one. The link is here, or just go to www.bloggernews.com a couple of minutes before 3pm central and you will see the link on the front page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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