With it being Christmas, the exact make up of the panel remains in question. But we will have Simon and Jan Barrett, TJ Hart, and Denny Griffin.

This has been another seemingly quiet week. The PCSO have played this case close to their vest. I can not fault them for that, so many cases have ended badly because of ‘Loose lips’. I was talking to my friend TJ Hart today, and the subject of the Florida Sunshine Law came up. This law is in someways similar to the ‘Freedom Of Information Act’. It offers transparency, but it does not mean that everything can be made public.

I have no idea how many times I have been asked – Well we have the details about Caylee Anthony, why don’t we have the same information about Haleigh Cummings?

Oh, do not get me wrong, there would be nothing that would fascinate me more than to peek inside the PCSO files. But there is no way to do that, the two cases are very different. Casey Anthony has been charged with the death of her daughter Caylee. The Sunshine Law permits ‘discovery’ to be shared with the press. But, and I do want all of you to think long and hard about this, all of the ‘discovery’ released has come from the prosecution. Almost nothing but rhetoric and idiotic suggestions have come from the defense. There is a February 1st date set for Baez and his merry band to produce conclusive proof of his clients innocence. This date was set in November. I have to ask the question, it may seem silly, yet I view it as important.

Why would a defense attorney claim to have absolute proof of his clients innocence, and yet agree to a three month timeline to produce it? If I was sitting in jail and I knew my attorney has this ‘smoking gun’, I would be livid! Actually I would be starting a civil suit right now! If my attorney had proof of my innocence and made me sit behind bars for 3 additional months, I would be plotting his end!  Of course, it is possible that this just more grandstanding by Baez and his ‘nightmare team’. This guy is the ultimate whiner, he even used some of Jans articles about the case as reasons to move the trial! Jose, grow up, smell the roses. We are not the ambulance chasers. We follow them 🙂

It should be an interesting program. To listen in, just point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before 3pm central, the program will be on the front page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

Update: It would seem that my fan club has changed the image on his front page. I am humbled. It is amusing, and I do hope that he derives as much amusement from it as I have.


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