Authorities in Putnam County are draining a large pond near Satsuma. Some news organizations are reporting that they are looking for Haleigh’s body. Phone calls earlier today reveal that this may not be the case.

This pond is the location where authorities found a grow operation on Thursday, approximately 100 large pot plants were discovered. This is also the reason that a helicopter was seen in the area that day.  The police are merely saying that they are looking for evidence. Now if by chance something is found pertaining to the search for Haleigh then that would be a bonus. My sources are saying that the primary focus is evidence concerning the Grow op. One source is saying that they may be trying to locate some ATV’s that are in someway connected with the drugs.

The decision to drain the pond followed two days of searching by police divers. The Mondex property, which is southwest of Palatka near State Road 19, has the reputation for being a large party location.

We will just have to wait this one out and see what transpires. I was talking with TJ Hart a few minutes ago and he does plan on visiting the site to get a first hand account of what is going on.

Simon Barrett

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