Well it was a curious program to say the least. We had to battle a rather large technical problem 10 minutes before we went on air. BTR decided to dump callers coming in to the program. Those callers were the panel! After resetting the program and switchboard three times I was faced with the situation of no panel, and 28 seconds till going live. I decided to go live and explain that there were problems, of course no sooner did I do that than than the switchboard started working again.

We had our full panel of experts, Jan and Simon Barrett, TJ Hart of WSKY 97.3, William Cobra Staubs, Denny Griffin, and Levi Page.

It has been a strange and frustrating week in the search for missing Haleigh Cummings. I have to admit that it was with some trepidation that I went on air. An unfortunate reality of the news business is that for one one reason or another not all news can be shared. Some problems lay in confidentiality, some in proof, and some in less savory arenas.

Due to events that occurred over the past 24 hours, I decided to skip certain lines of inquiry. But that is not to say that I will not be revisiting them at a later date. Because, one way or another I will. To say I am seething, does not do justice, but justice will be done at some point!

It was still a lively 90 minutes. All of our panelists had lots to say, as did our callers.

The panel is very split on Haleigh Cummings, some assume she is dead, and when you look at the statistics that is a very reasonable assumption. Levi Page pointed out that the stats show that if a child is not found in the first 48 hours, the chances of finding the child alive diminish at an alarming rate.

Tommy Croslin Jr managed to rack up yet another arrest this week for supposedly smacking his father with a bag of DVD’s. As Cobra pointed out, who wants to fight at 8am in the morning? TJ Hart gave us the ‘guest list’ of this fracas, Lisa and Frank Croslin Sr, and Nay Nay Prevatt. The police report also mentions another witness, the name is redacted, but they did a less than stellar job on the redaction. It took me less than the blink of an eye to see that the redacted minor was none other than Misty Croslin. Now I could be wrong, but this group of folks do not look like people that wake up early. Was 8am bed time? Had they all been up all night?

I think it is fair to say that many nerves are frayed in the search for Haleigh Cummings. As a reporter I have to comment that those frayed nerves seem more from the people that care, than the families involved.

I still believe that the missing puzzle piece is hiding in plain sight, and we are missing it. It is something insignificant, but it is there.

By no means do I want to suggest that PCSO has not done the best job they possibly have done. I still think that that key piece is there for the finding. I will even go so far as to tread in the same foot steps as my very good friend TJ Hart. That back door, the laundry, that in my opinion is where the clue might lay.

Oops, I went completely off track, but I thought I should share my thoughts.

The whole program can be listened to here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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