Tim Miller has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent the Caylee Anthony defense from obtaining any of Texas Equusearch’s records. That battle is still raging. It seems likely that nothing will be resolved anytime soon. I have my own theories about Jose Baez, Andrea (I have never lost a capital case) Lyons, and the rest of the defense dwarfs involved. I’d love to know how come we don’t hear any of the babbling from Lawrence Kobelinsky anymore. Of course it would be easy to tag Koby (Nancy Grace’s name for him) as just another ‘Hired Gun’.

Tim Miller is no newcomer to the world of the media. His intentions may well be upstanding, in fact to say anything detrimental about Tim Miller opens up a huge quagmire of trouble.

Within the press we have a private joke, if you are going to do (interview) Tim Miller, it is best to schedule it early in the morning.

Donna Brock most likely started off as just another keen volunteer for the organization. She viewed it as a way to ‘make a difference’. Hey, doesn’t everyone want to do that?

Donna Brock made it to be noticed by the upper levels of Tim Miller’s organization. She was selected as the Texas Equusearch tool to unravel the mystery of where Haleigh Cummings is.

Tim Miller has always said that his organization prides itself on being careful and vetting perspective volunteers. In fact it was this argument that was put up in the Caylee Anthony case when the defense tried to obtain personal data about the Texas Equusearch volunteers involved in the search for Caylee Anthony. For the record I have absolutely no respect for Jose Baez or his dwarfs and dwarffetes. Based on the Donna Brock arrest Tim Miller’s organization has now moved into a less stable area than they were in.

Rumors concerning Tim Miller have been swirling around for some considerable time. The Donna Brock involvement can do nothing but make people look closer at his organization.

I am certain that Tim Miller has nothing but the best of intentions. However, I would say that he is on some thin ice right now.

Donna Brock might not be the key to solving the Haleigh Cummings case, but she could certainly be the lady that brings more attention on Tim Miller than he could wish in his worst nightmare.

Simon Barrett

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