The news has been breaking fast tonight. We are still trying to figure out what is going on. We do know that several people are in jail, and that they are accused of serious drug trafficking crimes.

For the past while we have been slammed with questions concerning the situation of Misty Croslin, Hank Croslin, and Ronald Cummings, according to the PCSO web site they are no longer in custody. That is true, my sources now have them in a different county I am being told St Johns.

There is a big question in my mind about the Donna Broch(k) mentioned in the press release. Well folks, I can tell you that yes, this is the same Donna Brock that took Misty Cummings off for a vacation in Orlando that Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch (TES) bankrolled. Miller has been somewhat cagey talking about Donna Brock, it is not clear if she was acting as an employee or a volunteer at the time. However he does admit that it was his money that paid for the adventure.


At $250,000 in bond, I would say this lady has a problem.

There have been some stories swirling aroung about TES for some time. Most of us have opted to avoid the stories. His war chest is large, and ours is not. But, one has to wonder why he would have selected Donna Brock to be Misty’s best friend? This latest revelation unfortunately adds credibility to some things that have been drifting around the ether….

MISTY, TOMMY and DONNA BROCK are now in St Johns Co Jail….Ron is in Flagler Co Jail….Sykes remains in Putnam Co
Simon Barrett

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