This is a subject that has been mentioned on several news sites, we can now confirm this as fact. Haleigh Cummings step mom was taken in for questioning over the last weekend. I think the quote from Major Gary Bowling of the PCSO sums it up in a nutshell:

PCSO did question Misty over the weekend – no information of any value came of it

Just how much longer can Misty Croslin-Cummings keep quiet? For months there have been rumblings about Misty and the likelihood that she was not at home that night. This theory certainly gains credibility after the bombshell (sorry Nancy I used your phrase) revelation that Tommy Croslin has stated that he went to the trailer on the evening of Haleigh’s disappearance around 10pm and could arouse no one, no lights were on, no TV’s or radios playing, nothing. The reason for his visit was the result of a phone call from Ronald Cummings who at that time was at work, he was concerned about Misty as he had been unable to reach her via phone.

Anecdotal information is telling us that at around 8:30pm Ronald and Misty had an argument via cell phone. As a result of this argument Misty turned her phone off.

All of the facts fit, I can see Ronald being angry, I can see Tommy going over to check up. OK this is where it gets more complicated. I am sure Tommy called Ronald back and told him that the lights were off, and no-one was home. One can imagine that Ronald Cummings was somewhat concerned. Where was Misty and where was Haleigh and Junior? So, and here is the big one….. Why did Ron go to the store for beer, smokes and peanuts before going home? I would have thought that he would have wanted to rush home to find out what was going on?

It is right about here that some really interesting possibilities open up. And for the most part they confuse me. Misty was at home when Ron got back, we know that from the 911 call. Where was she when Tommy came over?

There is much to pond(er), the PCSO don’t say much, and often it is in an oblique fashion. One thing is for sure, ‘The Heat Is ON’.

Simon Barrett

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