Late last night Jan and I received a phone call. It was a call that while not unexpected, was to say the least not one that I thought would come so soon. As the phone call wound down the inevitable question of when was I going to publish reared its ugly head. My decision was to ‘Sleep on it’. The news had no direct bearing on the search for Haleigh Cummings, a few hours delay on releasing the story would not have any effect on the case.

Last Tuesday Lisa Croslin was released from the Putnam County jail, the ‘Crack’ buying charges had been dropped. She had no possessions, not even any street clothes. A good Samaritan loaned her some clothes. Lisa has no where to go, she has no home, and alas her most of her family all seems to be residing behind bars. Her solution was to return to the same boarding house that she had been living in with her husband Hank before the ‘crack’ incident. It is unclear as to the exact details, however she was told that she could stay there for three days. Maybe the Croslin’s still had a credit on a room?

The next day the good Samaritan found Lisa Croslin a more stable environment. A place where she could be safe, and away from the drug scene. There was a price associated with her stay, it was not money, but rather a zero tolerance policy to alcohol and drugs.

Last nights phone call revealed a number of facts that I found very disturbing. Lisa Croslin was at a local emergency facility, drunk, and higher than a kite on Xanax. She was released at some point overnight.

Her whereabouts at this time are unknown. She is no longer welcome at the shelter that she was staying at because of the zero tolerance policy. She is not at the the boarding house, through someone ‘on the ground’ we have been told that she is not welcome back there either.

While none of this story is likely to come as any big surprise to readers that have been following the Haleigh Cummings case, there are questions that still need to be answered.

The Xanax apparently was prescription rather than bought off the street. Of the 90 tablets obtained a few days ago, only 17 remained in the bottle last night. This is a usage of more than 10 per day! Who was the doctor that could possibly prescribe 90 tablets to an addict?

Where did Lisa Croslin get the money from to buy the drugs? And where did the money for the booze come from?

Lisa herself mentioned two names last night. These names were relayed to Jan and I from the good Samaritan. I was shocked to say the least. As I have been unable to confirm or deny the allegations yet, I will leave the names out at this stage. One I feel was just trying to be another good (if misguided) Samaritan, the other conjures up more sinister journalistic ambitions.

It would be easy to throw Lisa Croslin back in jail, but what does that solve? She doesn’t need punishment, she needs help! If you see her on the street, give her something to eat, help her find a safe place to stay, but DO NOT enable her with money.

I do know that Lisa Croslin does read Jan and my articles on occasion. So Lisa, if you read this, we both are very concerned. Find some help. Find it quickly. You told us that spending 30 days behind bars was an awakening. The next trip might be far longer.

Simon and Jan Barrett


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