I have not even had time to watch these videos. I have no clue if they contain any useful information or not. This is the second set, and it is of a video meeting between Misty Croslin and her father Hank Croslin.

Just to put into perspective how time consuming this video biz is, here is a screen shot taken earlier today! And that was just step one, of a single DVD.


We have to upload them, download them, slice and dice them. And then upload again. This is a very slow process with even the fastest of computers. I do ask that you just bear with us on this process.  Even the ‘big cheeses’ are having problems with these files!

The exact date of this conversation is unknown, however it was between Feb 17 and Mar 4.

My original plan was to stage these vids on YouTube, however it takes between 1 to 5 minutes to upload each megabyte of data, I have had an upload running for over 24 hours. Seeing as the Video only contains head shots of Misty and Hank holding a phone, I decided to bail from the video and just peel off the audio and give up on YouTube. These files do not Stream, and they are 50 meg each. Don’t download them on a dial-up connection! They will take some time!

The main protagonists are Misty Croslin and her Father Hank Croslin

Audio one

Audio two

Sorry I do not have a commentary to offer on these, I have not even listened or watched them yet.

But I will offer the ultimate teaser. Today we got word that another set of tapes are being released. They cover a good part of March. There are only six sets that have been made. And we have one set in our name!

The bad news is, oh no, the cycle starts over!

Simon Barrett

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