This is the last of the DVD’s that were released last week. Again we do not know the exact date of these conversations. However my guess is that they are from early March.

I have not even had time to watch these videos. I have no clue if they contain any useful information or not. Unfortunately there are two very different police investigations going on. One is the search for missing Haleigh Cummings, and the the second is the drug case that has landed Ronald Cummings, Misty Croslin, Hank Croslin, Hope Sykes, and Donna Brock behind bars. As a result Law Enforcement are finding themselves with a bit of a problem. The Videos have been redacted, the Florida Sunshine Law only applies to the drug case, not the search for Haleigh Cummings.

Because of the size of the files I have abandoned YouTube and am just hosting the sound files here on Bloggernews. I know this will upset several web sites who love to steal content, but unfortunately time is of the essence, and this is the fastest method available.

These are large files, they are just over 30 meg each, and contain about 30 minutes of conversation each.

Here is One

Here Is Two

Here is Three

Here is Four

As I noted in an earlier article, we have three more DVD’s waiting for us in St Augustine. We hope to have them in our possession tomorrow. They cover the March 5 through March 20 period. I suspect that they might be quite interesting.

Simon Barrett

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