It was with a huge amount of humor that I read the latest Art Harris EXCLUSIVE , the title screams EXCLUSIVE: “Misty No Drug Dealer!” —Dad

This tabloid headline sounds great, you could put this one on the front page of the supermarket tabloids and make a killing. Obviously Misty Croslin does have some supporters, and we should not be surprised that her dad is one of them. Unfortunately dad, Hank Croslin Sr. is hardly in the position to pass judgment or comment over his daughter.

As TJ Hart reported for WSKY 97.3 Hank Croslin Sr. is himself accused of doctor shopping, (read article) and the drugs involved were Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. Hmm, that sounds a lot like the same drugs that his daughter Misty Croslin is accused of selling!

Is this an example of the family that stays together, gets high together?

Hank Croslin Sr. goes on to say in Art Harris’s article:

“If she bought some pills, she was just doing people favors,”Hank Croslin explained. “If you know Palatka, this ain’t nothing but a cesspool of drugs and pills. But Misty’s no drug dealer!”

One wonders if Art Harris is still a hired gun? I find it hard to beleive that this is the case, but the revelations that came out in the Kim Picazio bar complaint rebuttal give you pause for thought. Is he now a ‘Media Consultant’ for Misty and Hank?

Hank saying that Misty is not a dealer sounds like rubbish to me. The police reports make it very evident that they spent at least a month of watching and talking to the young woman prior to taking any action.

Simon Barrett

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