It has been another busy week in the search for Haleigh Cummings. We will be running our regular program on Sunday Feb 7 at 3pm central. The panel will be Simon and Jan Barrett, WSKY 93.3’s TJ Hart, the ‘Crime Doctor’ Denny Griifin, and investigative journalist Levi Page.

There is plenty to talk about this week. The jail house tapes of Misty Croslin, Tommy Croslin and Rinald Cummings were released to the public. They were revealing to say the least, not so much because of what they talked about, rather what they did not talk about, and that was Haleigh Cummings.

All three seemed much more concerned about their personal creature comforts than anything else. Ronald seemed hung up on the laundry arrangements, while Misty complained about the food.

One item that most of the press has failed to grasp is that the tapes have been redacted. One has to wonder what was said that the authorities saw the need to edit them? There are two cases going on in tandem, the drug bust to which the Florida Sunshine Laws apply, and the search for Haleigh Cummings which is at this stage exempt. One could speculate that the redactions could concern the search for Haleigh. However, Law Enforcement did say that more arrests were expected in the drug trafficking case so the redactions could involve that aspect.

Earlier in the week the PCSO made a surprise release of some photos of the ‘Haleigh room’. The item of greatest interest was a picture of the suspected ‘timeline’. The PCSO made a point of ensuring that the resolution was so low that even with sophisticated software tools it was not possible to make the entries legible.

On Friday TJ Hart and myself decided to do a special radio broadcast about the released tapes, if you missed it, the program can be listened to here.

Yesterday a prayer vigil for Haleigh Cummings was held. Hopefully TJ will be able to bring us an update on it. I have heard that the grandmothers had put their differences aside and both were in attendance.

Also breaking this week was the news that Crystal Shefield, who recently obtained custody of Junior had failed one, and possibly two drug tests.

To listen to the program point your browser to a few minutes before 3pm, you will see the link to listen live on the main page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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