With so much happening in the search for Haleigh Cummings my good friend TJ Hart and I decided to do a rather impromptu radio show. I was surprised that with only about three hours of it being announced we has such a huge audience.

TJ actually was broadcasting from the back of a limo that was taking him to Jacksonville to record tonights Nancy Grace Show, and about 40 minutes into our live program he hit a cell phone ‘dead zone’, as a result be had to cut the planned one hour broadcast short. However, we did manage to cover an enormous amount of ground.

Things are happening so fast in this case right now that it is hard to keep up with everything. If you look back at all of the events that have unfolded I see a real starting point. That was the rather terse press release issued by PCSO on Haleigh Cummings sixth birthday. In no uncertain terms they made it clear that in their minds stepmom Misty Croslin-Cummings was not telling all she knows. It was from that point that what was beginning to look like a cold case suddenly gained a great deal of momentum.

Todays program focused on the happenings of the past seven days and how they interrelate, and trust us, they do!

The draining of the Mondex L pond, the hand written letter from Nay Nay, the incarceration of Tommy Croslin, Greg ‘White boy’ Page’s recent tangle with authorities, and the nationwide warrant that has been issued for Lisa Croslin on forgery charges. These are all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, and while TJ and I do not have any special access to sources, I do know that we are on the same track as PCSO.

I know I likely offended some people with my how many Croslin’s can you fit under a bus article, but it seems that more are joining the club daily!

We do not have evidence yet, but the nationwide warrant for Misty’s mom Lisa Croslin on forgery charges gives one pause for thought. Forgery of what? Well what springs to mind is something financial. The bond amount though is pretty low for a ‘nationwide’ warrant, and PCSO has made it clear that if Lisa Croslin does not bond out in Tennessee, they will extradite her back to Florida.

Meanwhile we have Ratgate participant Tommy Croslin, he managed to bond out of jail at noon today. Of course the burning question is why did authorities suddenly reduce the bond from $50k to $5k?

Misty Croslin’s quick trip to Orlando was also a subject of speculation. TJ Hart told us the real story!

If you missed our live broadcast you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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