The release of so much video and audio from jail this week prompted us to have a hastily scheduled radio program. Neither TJ Hart of WSKY 97.3 nor I have had much sleep for the past few days as we try and figure out what these tapes actually tell us. The major players Misty Croslin, Tommy Croslin, and Ronald Cummings are safe behind bars. Although you would never get LE to fess it up, this is a perfect place for them. The pressure is building, and it does not look like it is going away anytime soon. The new Data Dump is showing some pretty rattled folks. The interesting aspect of this spectacle is Misty, she seems set for the long haul. Misty on camera explains that it doesn’t matter if she is in there for 20 years, she is not going to break. She might be the only one that does not!

Todays radio program was interesting, if not entirely on target. Both TJ and I were contacted earlier in the day by Bill Staubs. Bill was spitting bullets, and I decided that I would afford him the platform to vent. And vent he certainly did. What most people do not understand is that without Bill the press coverage of this case would not be what it is. It certainly would not have got any coverage on CNN/HLN. Without Bill it would be a case that few people had ever heard about. I know that TJ would be still following it, maybe Jan and I would be to, but the mover and shaker was most certainly William Staubs. Yes he was in major rant mode today, but I really can not blame the man. I think I would be even hotter if I was in his position.

What I find interesting, and I think TJ agrees, many of the claims that we heard from Bill early on have come to pass. Too many people are too quick to bury Bill, but it was Bill that got the press involved. I lift my glass to William Cobra Staubs.

You can listen to the entire program here.

Simon Barrett

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