After months of seeming stagnation, the search for missing Haleigh Cummings has hit high gear once again. The past week has seen a great deal of movement. I for one would love to be a fly on the wall of the Putnam County Sheriffs Office.

The whole story started to unravel on August/17 with a press release from PCSO, they essentially said little, yet said much. Ronald Cummings is not considered a suspect, neither is his teen bride Misty Croslin Cummings, however Misty’s story has a lot of inconsistencies that do need to be accounted for.

In the past week news has been breaking, Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch was asked by Misty to arrange for another polygraph test. Tim graciously paid for Misty and Ron to travel to Orlando and spend two nights there.

I watched the Nancy Grace show last night and found it illuminating , like a broken light bulb! Ronald Cummings and his lawyer managed to effectively duck every pointed question put to them.

Early this morning I was talking with TJ Hart of The Sky 97.3, and we decided that it was time for an ad-hoc program.

Even better, TJ had just got off the phone with Tim Miller and was able to play some sound bites from the interview. Tim Miller has a far different recollection of events than are being reported by Misty Croslin Cummings.

In order to get as much information flowing as we could, the phone lines were not open, however the discussion was followed keenly on and the Blog Talk Radio chat room.

The discussion moved to several areas, the Polygraph, the Voice Stress Analysis, and the Hypnosis tests.  None of which are admissible in court, but are useful tools in determining the credibility of witness statements.

Both TJ and I have  heard many stories concerning this case, and an old one cropped up while Misty was being tested, the four visitors in the trailer that night theory. Those people have names, and as TJ said, those names are already in the possession of law enforcement. Is there validity in this claim? That is one of the big unknowns.

We also touched on the cell phone story and federal bugging of Misty and Ronald. Personally I do not give a whole pile of credibility to the theory, but it does seem to be utmost in Ronald’s mind.

What I found most interesting today was the obvious divergence of stories from Tim Miller, and the Cummings family. Who do you believe?

An interesting hour of radio, and you can listen to the show in its entirety here.

Simon Barrett

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