Satsuma, Florida- I have said it before and I will say it again, I don’t think that Cindy and George Anthony should be supporting in anyway the search and recovery effort of Haleigh Cummings. They have proven themselves only to be untrustworthy, acting belligerent and out of control at times. They continue to promote the innocence of a murderer and accuse the fantasy Nanny Z. Caylee was never missing she was taken by her mother and murdered. There is no Nanny Z. there never was. Who in there right mind would allow the Anthony’s to be anywhere near Haleigh’s search? It has been reported that Ronald Cummings has spoken against the Anthony’s lending there support to Haleigh’s search. He has asked the public to keep searching for his daughter in a video from his attorney’s office. He remains adamant that he wants help but not from the Anthony’ s. I couldn’t agree more, the Anthony’s and CMAF  don’t need to be anywhere near Haleigh. To me it’s a huge mistake to let them anywhere near this.

Haleigh does not need to be their cause. Their own flesh and blood wasn’t even their cause until she was found dead duct taped in bags on the Chicksaw Trails just a mile or so from their home. Then they decided she was a cause worth spending time on. Carrying out her image in death so that she died for a purpose. Shady at best, and now they want in on my girl. Ronald’s family also stated that they believe that the Anthony’s have there own agenda in this and that the circumstances surrounding Caylee’s murder are not like Haleigh’s disappearance. I agree fully on this, the Anthony’s have done nothing but lie non stop about who killed Caylee. Let me go into that for a moment, before Haleigh I was wrapped around Caylee. I know a bit about this one. The Anthony’s would love for the nation and the world to believe there poor, young, misunderstood, mother of the year daughter (their words not mine) is innocent of any wrong doing. They want us to believe it was the evil, hateful, fantasy Nanny Z. who took Caylee from her mothers arms at a park in exchange for a script to follow for thirty days. When Casey couldn’t follow the script and was out getting tattoos and partying at clubs the fantasy Nanny Z. got angry with Casey and wanted to teach her the ultimate lesson for being a bad mother by killing Caylee, and framing Casey for the murder of her own child. What? Okay, I don’t buy it and I don’t think much of America does either, though I hear that the Anthony’s do have some sympathizers how many I am not sure. I am not one of them. I don’t feel they have any right to be involved in the search for Haleigh. Caylee was murdered by Casey Anthony not the fantasy Nanny Z. no matter how much they try to shove the deceit and lies down our throats I will not swallow.

It’s transparent what they are up to, trying to free a child killer. I don’t see where they get off putting themselves in this, I have said it time and time again Haleigh already has so much going against her, she is the under dog here. She has a mess of drama and immoral life choices by the adults in her life saturating her disappearance. Haleigh has so much against her as we speak that adding the Anthony’s and there foundation to the mix is only going to make a joke out of her search effort. I cannot believe they are being asked for support. I am shocked by this turn of events, Haleigh needs help from whomever she can get but not the Anthony’s and their nonsense. They have made a joke out of everything they have encountered. I can’t say I have always been in agreement with Ronald Cummings but I am today with his family’s statement of not wanting the Anthony’s involved in his daughters search I couldn’t of said it better myself. There is not enough I can say or express against there involvement in Haleigh’s search effort. To me its a backwards idea, her own family’s words they have there own agenda I agree fully, whatever prospers themselves is my opinion. Using my girl to appear to be out there in the trenches day in and day out searching for missing children. It’s a mistake if I have ever seen one. Who am I though to have any opinion on it? I’m nobody, I know it, that’s fine by me, I do though have a platform where I can voice what I feel towards this situation, Haleigh needs genuine people taking up her fight. Not the nonsense of the Anthony’s and there three ring circus. They are going to make her a side show at their disposal. Haleigh is worth much more then what they are going to use her for. I don’t know who else is involved in this. My guess it would be all who were in attendance at the vigil Sunday night. How dare they assume that Haleigh needs their support in any way, shape, or form. It’s a disgusting choice on the part of whoever related to Haleigh is requesting there support. Haleigh is better then what they have to offer, their offers of support and assistance are only going to delude things even more. How? Why could anyone think that support from the Anthony’s and their Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation is going to be positive in anyway?

I have a question for YOU, all of my readers, you tell me when did Cindy or George Anthony even Lee for that matter go out and physically searched for Caylee, out in the swamps and woods? During the time they were singing of her being missing? When? I never saw it not once, I have seen them at the Kid Finders display handing out bottled water once. That’s it, what skills do they possess in finding missing children? What are there credentials in the matter of searching for and recovering missing children, what kind of support are they planning on offering for my girl Haleigh? How to lie and destroy evidence, how to be dishonest and deceitful? How could anything they have to offer benefit Haleigh? To me it is an outrage an error in judgment. Maybe I am to harsh because I don’t buy for one minute that Casey Anthony is innocent in Caylee’s death, maybe I am to harsh because I feel that Cindy and George should pay accordingly for there roles in the cover up of that death. Fine then I am harsh. I have been following Haleigh since it broke, I have many hours invested into her and her disappearance. I have spent days and nights thinking about her worrying for her, I have neglected my home, my yard and myself all for Haleigh. I have put her right there with my own children there are few things on this earth that I love besides my children, very few and there is nothing more important in this world then them. Nothing, I don’t care for anything else on this earth more then my children. Haleigh is one of them, I feel for her worry,  pain, and fear. I feel that I wouldn’t let the Anthony’s near either of my kids why should they be near my Haleigh? They defend a murderer, oh yes I know that is their daughter and they have lost there grandchild they don’t want to lose a daughter too. Fine I can empathize with them for that, but to expect me to believe that Casey is innocent of this murder that’s going to far, to ask me to open my heart and my mind to their lies and deception of Caylee’s true killer is beyond acceptable and it is beyond reasonable that they want to lend their support to Haleigh’s search. I am guessing its from Haleigh’s mother’s side that they will be lending their support, after all Crystal and Marie Griffis, Haleigh’s grandmother were in attendance at the vigil Sunday night. To me it’s a huge mistake in accepting any, any type of support or help from them they have proven themselves unstable, volatile, dishonest and out right rude to all they encounter. Unless your willing to buy into there lies, there delusions of grandeur. I am not willing to do so, I pray with all I have that they do not end up involved with Haleigh. She is better then that, she deserves more then what they are going to use her for. I agree with Ronald Cummings family  in this matter. What they bring to the mix is entirely to unpredictable. God bless you Haleigh, we are all in your corner.

Haleigh is five years old she has curly blonde hair and brown eyes, she is three feet tall and weighs around thirty nine pounds, she has a birthmark on her left cheek. She has a medical condition that requires medicine. Please if you know anything about Haleigh call Putnam County Sheriffs at (386) 329-0800.

Please if you would like to donate in the search effort for Haleigh Cummings do so at:

Any Sun Trust Bank and donate to “Case Closed Inc.” c/o William Staubs.


2)Send an encouraging letter with small donation to:

Case Closed/William Staubs

PO BOX 267967
Weston, FL

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