America’s Most Wanted will be doing a feature tonight with Haleigh Cummings included with three other children.  Haleigh Cummings went missing from her home during the early morning hours on February 10th.  She was last seen by her father’s girlfriend Misty Croslin.  She was sleeping in bed with her small brother Jr. Cummings and Misty.  Misty has given multiple stories as to what happened when she realized Haleigh was missing.  Misty has also been questioned by investigators numerous times as to her knowledge about Haleigh’s abduction.

All of Haleigh’s close immediate family have been asked and taken a polygraph test.  All have claimed to of passed the polygraph test.  Investigators have yet to verify that.  Crystal Sheffield, Haleigh’s biological mother says that Jr. Haleigh’s little brother said that a man in black took Haleigh.  Investigators have yet to disclose any information regarding that either.

There have been several thousand tips and leads come into the Crime Stoppers tip line regarding Haleigh.  Investigators were following false tips all the way across Florida state lines into Tennessee.  Including up the First Coast.  They have shifted there investigation to Haleigh’s home and around the neighborhood she lives in.  Investigator’s brought in special cadaver dogs from South Georgia to assist in the ongoing search for Haleigh.  They have said its not due to tips coming in on the child, it is standard procedure.  They have re-searched wooded areas and under the paneling on the mobile homes near her home.  In case a body was placed under any of the homes.  One of the dogs alerted to a scent in a dumpster but that produced no evidence.  Crystal Sheffield, Haleigh’s mother was asked to give a dna sample in case any evidence was discovered.

Haleigh’ s family released a short home video of her and her brother opening presents on Christmas day in hopes to generate valuable tips on her where abouts.  There are three other missing that are going to be on America’s Most Wanted along with Haleigh, a small boy also from Florida and two girls out of California.

Haleigh’s home has been released back to her father Ron Cummings and is no longer a crime scene.  Which it has been since Haleigh was reported missing.  Over two weeks ago.  Ron has said he has no plans of moving back into the house.  He cant live there knowing his daughter was taken out of her bed.  He is living in a trailer donated to him.  Him and Misty are reportedly still together.  Anyone with information regarding Haleigh or her where abouts has been asked to call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line.

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